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Students in grades 5 and 6 created more than 100 ceramic models of microorganisms recently in ceramics class. The idea for the project came from biology teacher Yelena Zelikson, who explained: "Handsome models made with your own hands - wouldn't you agree that this is an excellent way to learn more about an object? With support from ceramics teacher Svetlana Globina and technology teacher Lyubov Shatova, the students created wonderful educational models." More

Every year ILS students take a range of Cambridge certificate exams at different times of the year, with the latest round held in December. More

The fourth day of Science Week was unusually rich in experiments of various kinds. Section 5M1 saw how simple components such as vinegar, vegetable oil, soda, water, and lemon can be combined to make fascinating things, such as invisible ink derived from lemon juice. More

ILS 9th graders took a serious and responsible approach to their projects. On the first day of defense, the students showed their knowledge of information technology and history, making extensive use of the wide range of fascinating ideas explored in recent years with IT teacher Anton Glupak. One group of students proposed making history textbooks in the 3D format so that pupils could learn how people lived in the past, going into their homes and seeing the details of their lives, or joining them on the field of battle to see how they fought. Another group proposed creating a virtual school, where students could use a special application to find offices or other places on the school territory. A third group suggested a virtual learning game and demonstrated its effectiveness at a mental arithmetic lesson with 5th graders. More

Guest lecturers from the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Far Eastern Federal University acquainted ILS students with interesting facts from the world of botany and economics. More

Winter is a traditional time for sports achievements by our students, with basketball as one of the favorites at ILS. In recent days, we saw compelling clashes between students in various 9th-grade sections and 8th-grade section 8M1, with section 9M1 taking first place and 8M1 finishing second. More

February 4-11 is Science Week at ILS, with students attending lectures on geography, biology, economics, information science, physics, chemistry and intellectual games. The program also includes field trips to the Vladivostok Oceanarium and Academy of Sciences, as well as project defense by ILS 9th graders. More

ILS 10th graders are participating in a business-oriented project called "Vladivostok - Russia's tourist gateway to the Asia-Pacific Region." More

Nadezhda Shatenova of Vladivostok’s Arseniev Museum met with ILS students from grades 3-6 for a lesson devoted to people who lived in Leningrad (St Petersburg) during the blockade of 1941-1943. More

The annual winter sports competitions are well underway at ILS, with the latest results coming in from mini-football for fifth-grade teams, pioneer ball for sixth-grader teams, and chess matches for eighth-grader teams. More

ILS held a motivational meeting for older students, led by Aleksandr Prosekin, the director of a corporate training and management consulting company. More

A new student rating system is being launched at ILS, beginning with the third quarter of the academic year. The systems was presented to students at a school meeting by 10th grader Anfisa Bogdanenko, who serves as president of the ILS Student Council. More

The time for older students at ILS to think about higher education is approaching, hence their recent meeting with Alex Fitzner, who represents CATS Colleges (Britain and the USA), and Anna Popova, director of the Far Eastern Corps of Experts, to learn about the Cambridge Education Group. More

Students from ILS’ primary grades took part in the Vladivostok city chess competition “Little white rook”. This the first time that the team, which includes Kornei Kosyi, Miron Peshko, Yaroslav Makarov and Veronika Ogai, participated in a tournament at this level. More

ILS 7th and 8th graders have begun preparing for this year’s third-term research projects, which are presented in English. This year, the students will be looking into the various factors that lead to the emergence of new music genres and the development of existing genres. More

Jazz can again be heard in the halls of ILS, this time in preparation for the 5th International Children’s Jazz Festival-Competition Pacific Fusion, an annul event, which this year will include young musicians from Russia, South Korea, China and Japan. More

ILS English teacher Aleksandra Matyushina held a very unusual lesson for her students. After reading Jonathan Swift's novel "Gulliver's Travels", the students divided into teams, with each of them representing a travel agency from the countries that Gulliver visited. More

On January 16, ILS administrators met with the head of the Vladivostok branch of Freedom Finance investment company, Igor Rumyantsev, to discuss possible approaches to cooperation between the school and the brokerage within the framework of the ILS financial education project for older students, which began last year with a series of lectures by representatives of Sberbank. More

Students in the 10th, 11th and 12th grades have begun receiving their volunteer books, to be followed soon by younger students also doing volunteer work. More

ILS teachers presented gifts to young patients at Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital No.1’s Children’s Oncological Center, including disposable diapers, nutritious meals, clothing and other items. At the hospital they met with the center’s psychologist, Anastasia Malyshko, who also serves as representative of the “Preserve life” fund. More

ILS 5th graders in sections 5M1 and 5M2 received an unusual, creative mathematics homework assignment from their teacher, Olga Krotenok. After studying the topic “rectangular parallelepipeds,” the children had to make one out of whatever materials they could find at home. Everyone came up with interesting creations: one student decorated the parallelepiped with tinsel, another attached a snowman, and one did up the figure as a gift. More

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