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The year 2020 is almost here and it's time to prepare New Year's decorations for your rooms. I was told about one of these decorations and how to create it by ILS technology teacher Lyubov Shatova. This is more than just a Christmas tree toy; it is a special creation in glass. More

ILS students from section 5M1, together with their homeroom teacher Ulyana Bondarenko, were the first to visit the new Quantorium Children’s Technopark in the Palace of Children’s Art. More

The latest issue of the ILS school newspaper Fox Tales has come out, with articles by students and teachers on the most important events in the second quarter of the academic year. More

ILS 6th graders played a football match, but this time against no ordinary opponent – their parents! At first, the parents were inclined to let the children win, but then they woke up and the game was on, with both teams firing at the other team’s goal and standing staunchly in defense. More

Team Bastion 1, which includes Rinat Nigmatulin of section 6M4, took first place at the annual regional New Year’s Fencing Tournament. More

Students from section 6M2, together with their homeroom teacher Svetlana Rechitskaya, paid a visit to Shtykovsky ponds art park. More

My name is Maria Ogorodnikova, I’m 11 years old, and I am a graduate of the Classical European Gymnasium. It was there that I began to study music, and now I play the piano, metallophone and hand organ. I play in the “Music box” ensemble with other students from our school. In 2020, our ensemble will celebrate its 10th anniversary. More

ILS held its “Merry starts” competition, where, in an atmosphere of merriment and friendship, primary school students and their parents competed to see who was quickest and fastest, and also which teams were best. In the end, friendship was the winner. See our photoreport on the ILS page in VKontakte. More

If you want to learn how to sew, make patterns, create your own clothing collection, and participate in prestigious competitions for fashion designers, you need to join Tatyana Vetokhina’s “Fashion and Design” studio. More

ILS held its traditional “Poetry readings. Classics” contest, which was divided into two parts over the course of two days. More

Ekaterina Butova, a professional lawyer, gave a lecture to ILS 10th graders studying in the school’s specialized legal class. She told them about her work, beginning with how she came to choose the legal profession, noting that becoming a successful lawyer is no easy task. More

ILS participated for the first time in the “Russkoye slovo” (Russian word) Youth Festival in South Korea, and our delegation’s debut was most impressive. The delegation included a group of 6th graders and their homeroom teacher, Raisa Soroka; the “Vdokhnovenie” (Inspiration) fashion theater, led by Tatyana Vetokhina; and members of the “Boyarushka” historical costume studio, led by Olga Lukinets. More

The ILS rating committee, which includes 10th and 8th graders Maria Nedbailova, Ekaterina Matlina, Sonya Selivonchik, Asya Alekseeva, Aleksandra Klimochkina and Anastasia Peshko, issued their results for students’ extracurricular activities. More

ILS 6th graders from section 6M2 participated in an excursion called “Boats from the depths of the ages” at the Arseniev State Museum of Primorsky Region. This unusual lesson was organized form them by ILS history teacher Aleksey Pakhomushkin. More

The co-founder and head of DNS (Digital Network System) paid a visit to ILS to meet with students in grades ten and eleven to discuss vital issues such as how to achieve success and what profession to choose. The students also learned about the development of DNS, which has become one of the largest players on the computer equipment market. More

Representatives of the Kvantorium children’s technopark conducted a lesson called “Are you energy efficient,” for students in the ILS primary school grades. The children learned where energy comes from, various ways to conserve it, and how different energy sources affect the environment. More

ILS students studying Chinese are in the finals of the XIV Primorsky Region Calligraphy Competition, organized by the FEFU Confucius Institute. The competition is supported by the Confucius Institute, the Chinese Consulate in Vladivostok, and Far Eastern Federal University. It includes two phases: hand calligraphy and brush calligraphy. More

Students in section 5M3 expanded their knowledge of the Russian lexicon, doing a creative task at an unusual lesson under the guidance of their Russian Language and Literature teacher, Galina Korotonozhkina. More

Internet safety is something that every school student should know about, and it was the topic of discussion during a visit with ILS 6th and 7th graders by Svetlana Brizhak, who is a psychologist and coach, a teacher at Far Eastern Federal University, and an expert in information and psychological security. More

Yulia Filatova, who teaches Russian as a Foreign Language at ILS, decided to reinforce the topic “Views of buildings” with a walking tour of Vladivostok, finishing at Krestovaya Hill, which offers a wonderful view of Golden Horn Bay and the various buildings on both sides of the bay. More

ILS students from grades 7-9 ILS students from grades 7-9 Daria Odnodvorets, Daniil Kononyuk, Denis Predit, Artem Maslov, Artem Gatin and Yeketerina Burova together with their Japanese language teacher Kristina Nazhimova, have gone to Chuo Junior High School in Japan for a 10-day study program., Daniil Kononyuk, Denis Predit, Artem Maslov, Artem Gatin and Yeketerina Burova together with their Japanese language teacher Kristina Nazhimova, have gone to Chuo Junior High School in Japan for a 10-day study program. More

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