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On March 16, the third issue of ILS school newspaper Fox Tales was published, devoted to the educational and scientific activities of ILS students and teachers. Participants in the new issue were students from the 5th-12th grades, including our first 5th grade journalist, Liza Rudenko, who contributed a blitz-interview. In keeping with our tradition of editors and writers gathering at the Media Center on the day of each new issue’s publication, we met to discuss our results and begin planning the next issue. More

ILS held a football match for students in the 10th and 11th grades. The students demonstrated their fine skill and dexterity. In the end, the 10th graders were victorious. More

The “Water Colors” ensemble, led by supplemental education teacher Natalya Bekina, who heads the ILS vocal studio, won first prize in the category “Popular vocal and ensemble” at the 3rd International TV Competition “Music and Children” in the Chinese city of Tzisi. More

International Jazz Festival participants will be treated not only to a wonderful musical holiday, but also to discussions with teachers from Primorsky Region. In parallel with Pacific Fusion our school is holding a seminar on the topic “Supplemental education for children in multicultural educational space”, where teachers will discuss international communication issues in a multiethnic educational environment and share their experience at organizing supplemental More

For one day, the ILS concert hall was transformed into a theatrical stage, where students performed excerpts from five different literary works for teachers, guests and fellow students. And although the pieces were only excerpts, everyone in the audience thoroughly enjoyed the performances. More

Science teacher Tatyana Vshivkova gave three lessons for ILS international students on the topic “How to save our rivers and streams". Our students showed keen interest, particularly when studying marine insects under a powerful microscope. They also received a great deal of interesting information about water and animals living in rivers. More

ILS graduate Vladislava Mezhinskaya, who is now a first-year student at the Repin State Academic Institute of Art, Sculpture and Architecture in St. Petersburg, participated in the exhibition “Mountains and Water” held at the St. Petersburg Artists’ Union. On display is her work “After the Storm”. More

Warm greetings to colleagues for International Women’s Day More

International students from ILS 10th grade attended a master class in ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement) given by ikebana professor Takahasi Hajime. More

Master classes by the well-known jazz pianist Vlada Yakutko and virtuoso drummer Stanislav Vlasov will be held for participants in the 3rd Pacific Fusion International Jazz Festival, scheduled for April 20-21 in Vladivostok at ILS. More

ILS students joined with the company EcoStar Technology to organize battery collection for subsequent recycling. A bright green receptacle provided by the company for this purpose is located on the first floor of the school. Students and teachers can use the receptacle for disposal of any type of small batteries. More

ILS 6m3 students had a literature class in a seminar format, used by Russian language and literature teacher Galina Korotonozhkina to complete the group’s study of Mikhail Prishvina’s work “Kladovaya solntsa” (Pantry Sun). The students received their composition topics ahead of the lesson, and were also given the task to create illustrations for the text. More

Research projects led by English language teacher and IB program coordinator Svetlana Feshchenko have become a tradition at ILS. The theme for the 2016-2017 research project was “State control of Internet resources.” More

ILS 7th graders enjoyed an unusual French language lesson conducted by representatives of the Alliance Francaise Vladivostok: Alison Aster, an education expert with the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs; and language center director Tatyana Tereshchuk. More

RSL teachers Yulia Filatova and Lyubov Kalinevich told the students about the history of the Russian holiday Maslenitsa, its traditions and rites. The group drank tea brewed in a samovar and enjoyed Russian bliny (crepes) with various tasty fillings. More

International students from ILS 11th grade visited the Primorye Division of the Russian Artists’ Union with their English teacher and CAS coordinator Marina Kutepova to see the “Labyrinth” exhibition. More

For the past several years, ILS students have been taking Cambridge English language exams to receive certification, and the winter session produced outstanding results. More

Dear friends and colleagues, please accept warmest wishes on the great occasion of Defenders of the Fatherland Day!... More

ILS 6th graders tested their knowledge of the Middle Ages at a recent brain ring. “Countries of the Middle Ages”, “Christianity and Islam in the Middle Ages”, and “Layers of Middle Age society” were the areas in which our students showed their knowledge and quick recall. Team captains smoothly handled their task of coordinating their classmates’ responses and quickly choosing the right answer, with only 30 seconds given for discussion. More

In less than two months, the ILS stage will again be the site of enchanting jazz, performed by young musicians from Primorye Region, Amur Region, South Korea and China More

A master class for international students; a presentation on Moscow State University; a seminar for teachers of Russian as a Foreign Language; a meeting with parents of our overseas students; a discussion with the director of the Far Eastern Branch of the “Russian World” Fund on issues related to educating international students in Primorye – these were just some of the items on the agenda of ILS guest Valery Chastnikh, who serves as deputy director of the MGU Institute of Russian Language and Culture and is the author of the program of language preparation for students from China, Japan and South Korea. More

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