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Dear colleagues, students and parents! Our warmest congratulations on the New Year and Merry Christmas! More

A lesson presented by a team of teachers from the International Linguistic School at the All-Russian competition “My Motherland Begins Here ...” consisting of Marina Nikitichna Artemenko, Deputy Director for Scientific and Methodological Work, Anton Sergeevich Glupak, teacher of computer science and ICT, teachers of history and social studies Alena Anatolyevna Zvereva and Alexei Anatolyevich Pakhomushkin, is called “Opening Primorye with V.K. Arseniev". More

10M grade student Karina Ermakova took 1st place in the 3x3x3 Team-Blind discipline with a score of 5:28:98 and 2nd place in the 3x3x3 BLD discipline with a score of 1:04:14 at Vladivostok Winter Edition 2022. More

8th grade student Maria Kondratyeva and 9th grade student Daria Sorokina became Korean government scholarship holders for excellent progress in learning the Korean language. More

The play "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors" was performed by sixth grade students. Reading the text, working on the stage, rehearsing dances and songs - and this is not all that is needed for an exciting action. Christmas Performances in English is a project for 6th grade students that has been successfully implemented at the International Linguistic School for more than ten years. The children are happy to play on the stage, study the works on which the production is planned, think over the costumes and images of the characters to be embodied on the stage. More

A 3rd grade student of the International Linguistic School Victoria Soroka became the best in rhythmic gymnastics competitions at the Inspire sports studio. In his age category at the FEFU Open Championship "Cheerful Dolphin" at a distance of 50 meters in freestyle and in a distance of 100 meters in individual swimming, a student of 2M1 class Vladimir Zaitsev took the "gold". Students of 5M4 Akmal and Jamal Dustiev are best again in their sport. At the open New Year's Kudo festival for the prize of SC "Titul" Akmal Dustiev became the best, defeating his brother Jamal. More

The traditional December meeting of the Russian Club of the International Linguistic School is dedicated to Russian New Year traditions. More

“This year, for the first time, I participated in the III International Online Olympiad of St. Petersburg State University in Russian as a Foreign Language, where I took first place. I am very pleased with this result” - says Cho Hangyul. More

The New Year's edition of Fox Tales traditionally opens with New Year's greetings. We are congratulated by director Olga Stanislavovna Shevchenko and our new teachers who have been working at the International Linguistic School since September 1 this year. More

A teacher of Chinese and coordinator of the 5M2 class of the International Linguistic School Anna Vladimirovna Belonogova, together with fifth-grade students, presented the musical "Neznaika is in a hurry for the New Year." More

The art work of a 9th grade student Yana Polyakova was recognized as the best at the exhibition-competition of students of the artistic and aesthetic direction of the SOD "Winter Fantasies", which is taking place these days in the Primorsky Regional Center of Folk Culture. More

Students of the 3rd grade of ILS took the "bronze" at the Championship of the Bolshoy Kamen city district in table tennis. More

The competition of posters about the animals of the Land of the Leopard National Park among primary school students was announced by the curator of the environmental direction of the Council of Students of the YLS, student of 9M1 Kirill Shaufler. At first, Kirill and his classmate Arkady Kasper had a conversation with the students about the inhabitants of the protected area of the Khasansky district of Primorye. More

Each participant of the Conference takes on the role of a diplomat of one of the member countries of the United Nations for five days and defends its interests while simulating the work of one of the international institutions proposed by the organizers. More

Bake pizza, fry pancakes and cook Potato cake - and for everything you have just 2 hours! Will we have time? More

The ancient craft of weaving each nation has its own characteristics. Anna Alexandrovna told the children about this. More

Christmas Fair "Let the children believe in miracles!" opened at the International Linguistic School with funny jokes, contests, songs and dances. Our photo report from the event. More

Students of the tenth and eleventh grades of the International Linguistic School became participants in the regional scientific-practical conference of schoolchildren "Experience of the past - achievements of the future", where their research works took first place in the nominations for Russian language and computer science and second place in literature. More

A student of the 6M3 class of the International Linguistic School Zlata Marinich took 2nd place in the 100m freestyle in her age category at the championship in swimming of the SC "Champion". More

The students of the International Linguistic School are always looking forward to the poetry competition. This year it was decided to call it “Impulses of our beautiful soul” and not to limit the children in choosing a poetic work. More

Experienced players of grades 7 and 8 completed this year's intellectual tournament. The teams showed not only good knowledge of the studied material, but also high erudition. More

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