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    • ILS begins issuing volunteer books to students

      16.01.2019 11:16
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      Students in the 10th, 11th and 12th grades have begun receiving their volunteer books, to be followed soon by younger students also doing volunteer work. More

    • ILS continues its cooperation with “Preserve life” fund

      14.01.2019 09:42
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      ILS teachers presented gifts to young patients at Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital No.1’s Children’s Oncological Center, including disposable diapers, nutritious meals, clothing and other items. At the hospital they met with the center’s psychologist, Anastasia Malyshko, who also serves as representative of the “Preserve life” fund. More

    • ILS students discover: math is also art

      26.12.2018 10:24
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      ILS 5th graders in sections 5M1 and 5M2 received an unusual, creative mathematics homework assignment from their teacher, Olga Krotenok. After studying the topic “rectangular parallelepipeds,” the children had to make one out of whatever materials they could find at home. Everyone came up with interesting creations: one student decorated the parallelepiped with tinsel, another attached a snowman, and one did up the figure as a gift. More

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