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    • ILS students participate in All-Russian health lesson

      21.09.2020 15:03
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      This year’s pandemic has compelled us to be even more careful than usual about our health, so our students’ participation in the All-Russian health lesson made perfect sense. More

    • ILS graduate Anfisa Bogdanenko: your motivation letter should reflect all your skills and knowledge

      15.09.2020 11:37
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      Anfisa Bogdanenko, who graduated from ILS in 2019, met with our school’s seniors and juniors to discuss the difficulties faced when studying overseas and ways to deal with them. Anfisa talked about the differences between the approaches to education in Russia and the USA, emphasizing which competencies and skills are important for the university application process. More

    • ILS 7th graders as Odyssey heroes

      14.09.2020 12:26
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      In a recent literature class ILS 7th graders studied Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey.” Together with their teacher Galina Korotonozhkina, they discussed how poetic versions of mythological and heroic stories differ from oral versions of these legends. After that, the students presented their homework on these tasks. More

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