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ILS 8th grader Lev Novitsky took first place in the Primorye Open Championship for Stand-Up Paddleboard held in Vladivostok. More

The meeting was in video conference format, and the head of the supervisory service and members of his staff answered questions about the 2018 EGE exams, the GIA-9 exam, All-Russian Verification Work, and national studies of education quality. More

ILS students recently tested their skills at olympiad tasks. This time the students competed in social studies. Olympiad tasks covered areas such as sociology, philosophy, political science, economics and law and require from students both mastery of technical material and the ability to analyze events of the modern world. More

Students from Shaanxi Pedagogical University have completed their teaching practicum at ILS, where they spent a full month acquainting themselves with methods we use for teaching the English and Chinese languages, Russian as a Foreign Language, and also music. More

The Russian World Fund's information portal featured an article about International Week at ILS, devoting particular attention to the exchange of ideas about organizing the educational proess between ILS teachers and their counterparts from Shaanxi Pedagogical University in Xi'an China. More

Fire drill at ILS

10.10.2017 11:07

Everything went smoothly for students and teachers at the recent school-wide fire drill at ILS. More

ILS 10th grade volunteers from sections 10M and 10B took part in organizing the event "Hermitage Days in Vladivostok". More

International Week at ILS included the international seminar-practicum "Reading for meaning and working with texts". The main speakers for the event were our guests from Shaanxi Pedagogical Institute in Xi'an China. More

During International Week, teachers and guests attended the International Seminar-Practicum "Reading for Meaning and Working with Texts" (morning session). More

International Week at ILS

03.10.2017 17:16

This year our traditional International Day was expanded into a fully fledged International Week, including country presentations and master classes, where country participants demonstrated their national customs, as well as an International Seminar-Practicum "Reading for Meaning and Working with Texts". More

A new project called "Cognition" has been launched at ILS by scientists from The North Pacific Marine Science Organization. More

English and Russian language lessons, participation in student's music training, speaking with our students in Chinese... These were just a few of the things our visitors from Shaanxi Pedagogical University experienced at ILS. More

ILS high school students met recently at the school with Tim Warren, an American film producer and director. More

ILS students are tyring to keep pace with their classmates, who successfully completed their Labor and Defense Sport and Fitness norms in April of this year. Joining them in this new academic year in the attempt to achieve the norms are ILS students from South Korea. More

Students from Shaanxi Pedagogical University in Xi'an China, along with ILS international students and members of our school's CIS Student Council took part in the city's Tiger Day parade. The carnival-like event featured joyful cheers, painted faces and striped costumes. More

Fifth graders in section 5M1 went to work from the moment the class began. Their mental warm-up started with a fast-moving numbers dictation exercise, where, without writing anything in their notebooks, they had to quickly decide "more", "less" or "equal". After about five minutes, their work was checked. Almost all the children handled the task brilliantly. More

Spending time with trainers from "School of your Potential" is an eagerly awaited autumn tradition for ILS students. This time it was 8th graders who went to the camp. More

Celebrating Health Day has become a tradition at ILS, and this year some of our high school students set off in search of adventure. More

Students from Shaanxi Pedagogical University in Xi'an China came to ILS to do their senior-year practicum. The group included future teachers of the English, Chinese and Russian languages, as well as future music teachers. More

Aleksei is a frequent winner in the Parilla Mini Class, even though he only began karting a little more than two years ago. In August, when all his classmates were on holiday, Aleksei participated in the Vladivostok karting championship, justifying all his efforts by taking first place. More

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