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ILS 5th graders competed a the "Fun starts" relay race, a sports event in which the students' parents and home room teachers also took part, with everyone testing their dexterity, speed, resourcefulness and team work. More

ILS 6th and 7th graders attended a “Sensing test” educational master class, organized by the “Young scholar” project with support from the Vladivostok city government’s Youth Department. More

Students in grades 7-11 were recently treated to mathematics trainings given by visitors from the Moscow Physics and Technical Institute: Boris Galitsky, a student in the Department of Management and Applied Mathematics; and Andrei Gavrilyuk, who works in the Institute's Laboratory for Earthquake Resistance Research. Topics covered in the trainings included Algebra, Geometry, Numbers Theory, Combinatory Geometry and various others. More

Asian sambo champion and Master of Sport Tatyana Orel, a frequent World Cup and Russia Cup winner, visited ILS to hold a PLD (Prepared for Labor and Defense) master class for students to test their skill at various holds, movements and other elements of sambo. More

The 9th issue of the school newspaper, Fox Tales, has been published. As always, the first issue of the new school year features an interview with ILS Principal Olga Shevchenko, who talks about new elements of school life, tells students and teachers what awaits them this year, reports on what universities our graduates are attending, and shares her ideas about the importance of knowledge. The new issue of Fox Tales also includes articles about international cooperation and our students’ work as volunteers, and features first-time articles with our volleyball and basketball coaches. More

ILS 6th graders had a creative lesson on the subject of metaphors. The students were divided into two teams and competed using their knowledge and understanding of the topic. More

The 5th annual Pacific Fusion jazz festival and competition will be held on 25-26 April 2019. More

From October 22-25, ILS students in grades 8-10 will go through their annual mathematics trainings, held this year by Boris Galitsky and Andrei Gavrilyuk. The trainings will be most intensive and will include complex topics from algebra, geometry, combinatorics and other areas of mathematics. More

The month-long practicum for future teachers from Shaanxi Pedagogical University (Xi'an, China), during which they were part of the ILS team, ended with a farewell ceremony. The visiting students conducted classes and learned about our school's teaching methods. During a final round-table discussion they talked about the friends they made, the work they did, and the wonderful time they had at ILS. More

ILS 5th graders recently had a most unusual reading class, which was more like a performance. The students tested their skills as actors, reading Ivan Krylov's fable "Quartet". More

2018 ILS graduate Yaroslav Silantiev is now a first-year student at Far Eastern Federal University. Yaroslav chose Economic Security as his major and reports that he likes it very much. More

The practicum for students from Shaanxi Pedagogical University (Xi'an, China) continues at ILS. More

Elections to the ILS Student Council were held on October 10, with students indicating their preferences for candidates for the offices of President, Head of Ecology, Head of Personal Development, Head of Media, and Head of Civil Activity. Each candidate gave a presentation to the student body on his or her election platform. More

We help our students to develop their personal interaction skills away from school as well as in it. With this in mind, 5th graders from group 5M3 tried their hand at a game of laser tag against other children of the same age. More

Student Government day is a traditional annual event at ILS, when 10th and 11th graders take on the responsibilities of teachers and give classes to their younger schoolmates. On October 5th, 53 ILS students held more than 170 lessons, including two lessons for teachers. More

ILS' youngest students spent Health Day in a computer game world. Third and fourth grade students, along with their teachers Olga Yakovleva and Maria Volina, went to a paintball club where the children played a game of laser tag. More

The third day of International Week was sports day, and not just any sports but the traditional sports of different nations. More

The student council presidential campaign has been intense, with 10th grade candidate Yaroslav Paramonov handing out "Paramonov 20!8" stickers to friends and supporters from the very first day. More

ILS students, together with teacher trainees visiting the school from Shaanxi Pedagogical University in Xi'an, China, participated in Vladivostok's grand parade for Tiger Day. More

As part of their introduction to Russian and overseas educational institutions, ILS high school students met with a visiting representative of the SolBridge International School of Business, which is located in the South Korean city of Daejeon. More

ILS 10th graders Anfisa Bogdanenko and Yaroslav Paramonov, together with 9th graders Ksenia Didik and Timur Gusenov participated in the 4th regional rally of the Russian School Students' Movement, held at Vladivostok's Okean Children's Center. More

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