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The 4th quarter began for ILS 9th and 10th graders with the defense of their projects and research work. This year's list of topics was unusually wide, including literature, psychology, geography, biology, and IT. A total of 23 different works were submitted to the panel of judges. More

ILS 7th grader Alina Kushnir from section 7M1 was best in the "Stage Mastery" category, while section 7M3 student Milinda Airapetyan in the "Original Genre" category. The winners' teachers are Anna Belonogova and Wang Yuje????. "Chinese Language is a Bridge" is a serious competition for children 12 years of age and older and consists of two rounds: the first includes oral and written testing, while the second has three different stages. Those who make it past the first round are faced with a real challenge: in the first stage, contestants give a prepared presentation on a topic from Chinese history and culture, in the area of linguistics, country studies, literature, traditions and China's scientific achievements. In the second stage, they give spontaneous answers to questions posed by members of the judges panel, while the third stage is an artistic task. More

ILS 8th grader Cho Sein from South Korea was among the prize winners at the 3rd International Inter-university Festival for Foreign Students "I study in Russia", thanks to her rendition of A. Fet's poem "Butterfly". More

ILS Russian language and literature teacher Yelena Strogana recently returned from St Petersburg's Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, where she participated in the training program "Preparation for the Russian State Final Attestation Examination in Russian Language", with special emphasis on mistakes frequently made by native spreakers of other languages used in the Russian Federation. More

The traditional 3rd quarter sports competitions at ILS have been completed, with all the results tallied, as students in grades 5-10 competed to determine who are the fastest, cleverest and most skilled. The list of sports included football, volleyball, pioneerball, basketball, table tennis and chess. More

Sixth graders from section 6M1 Elizavetea Rudenko and Denis Predit and seventh grader Alina Popova from section 7M1 took part in the 4th All-Russian Young Journalists Festival "Media-Wave" in "Orlenka". During the four-day event, the our students visited 12 master classes took part in the "Catch this wave" competition, and made friends with other students interested in journalism. More

The application period for the 4th Annual International Children's Jazz Festival-Competition "Pacific Fusion" has ended, with a record number of applications received from more than 100 soloists and groups to participate in the event. Performers include young musicians from the ages of 4-18, with competitions to be held in the following categories: solo instrument; small band; instrumental ensemble; orchestra; choir; vocal. The panel of judges will consist of experienced musicians led by Anatoly Smirnov, who serves as artistic director and conductor of Vladivostok's Pacific Symphony Orchestra. More

The final events of the 2018 ILS Sports Festival have taken place, wrapping up the intense competion in the third quarter of the academic year to determine who is fastest, strongest and most skillful among our students. ILS student-athletes competed in football, volleyball, basketball, pioneerball, table tennis and chess. More

Issue No.7 of the ILS school newspaper Fox Tales has been published and is devoted mainly to our school's International Baccalaureat (IB) program. More

The musical "Bremen Town Musicians" premiered on the ILS stage, with students from 5th grade section 5M1 offering the first performance. More

How to get an education in Japan? What supplemental exams must be taken to be accepted by a Japanese college or university? What do Japanese educational centers offer foreigners who wish to improve their knowledge of Japanese? More

The exhibition of works of art by 8th-grade students has opened at ILS on the first floor outside the school's arts and crafts rooms. The works were created at various times using various techniques, including graphics, oil, and dry pastel, with students expressing a wide range of ideas and emotions. More

The current round of sports competitions at ILS continues, with the latest winners named: More

ILS students from section 5M2 finished their study of Daniel Defoe's novel "Robinson Crusoe" with a creative lesson. More

ILS Japanese language teacher Olga Podsvirova and her students recently had a fascinating encounter with Japanese animation. More

ILS students are trying to get the maximum value from the final days of winter. Fifth grader Aleksandr Polyakov from section 5M2 participated in the “USSR Hero of Sport L. Smirnykh” downhill skiing competition on Sakhalin Island, held at the Gorny Vozdukh resort in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. More

ILS international students and their homeroom teachers recently visited Shtykovskiye Prudy Art Park, where they tried tubing and skating. More

Once upon a time, biology lessons for 6th graders in section 6M2 took an unexpected turn: Their teacher, Lilia Lvova, gave the students the assignment of cultivating bean seeds in order to study their structure. More

All ILS participants achieve good results, receive certificates for winter Cambridge Exams session More

During Maslenitsa week, Bayarushka Studio participants Alina Kushnir, Maria Shteinkova and Elena Bolsunovskaya told students from the European Pro-gymnasium about the history of traditional Russian costumes. More

ILS 6th graders began their study of positive and negative numbers by meeting with Pythagoreans. Students from 7th grade sections 7M3 and 7M2 dressed as ancient Greek scholars prepared a fascinating journey back to the origin of positive and negative numbers. More

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