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Yulia Filatova, who teaches Russian as a Foreign Language at ILS, devotes a great deal of attention to the development of her students’ theatrical tastes. Together with their teacher, the students compared the school production of “Alyie parusa” (Crimson Sails) with a production by a professional theater. More

On a recent sunny weekend in Vladivostok, ILS students from South Korea and visiting student teachers from Shaanaxi State Pedagogical University (China) visited Russian Island. Together with their teachers Yulia Filatova, Li Heili and Nadezhda Yaglinskaya, the students went to the Primorye Oceanarium, walked along the beach at Novik Bay, and stopped briefly at Kalina Mall on the way back. More

ILS 5th graders wrapped up their work on the topic “Folklore of Ancient Rus” with an interesting lesson. Russian Language and Literature teacher Galina Korotkonozhkina assigned them the task of creating and illustrating their own fairy tale. More

ILS 8th and 9th graders studying the Japanese language participated in a master class on calligraphy at the VGUES Museum and Exhibition Complex. More

On October 5, we celebrate World Teachers’ Day by thanking our mentors for their efforts and their contribution to our education. This year ILS, in partnership with the Vladmama website, has created a special project called “Thank you, teacher”. More

Elections to the ILS Student Council were held on September 16. The candidates for the office of President were Sonya Selivonchik (section 10M) and Oh Se Rin (11M). Competing for the post of Director for Environmental Issues were Polina Guryanova (8M1) and Oh Ye Rin (9M2). Cho Sein ran unopposed for the position of Director for Media Issues, as did Lev Novitsky (10M) for the position of Director for Personal and Intellectual Development. More

Over the next month, students from Shaanxi Pedagogical University (China) will be studying teaching methods and teacher-student interaction at ILS. For the ninth straight year, students from Shaanxi have come to our school for this purpose, and this year’s group includes future teachers of the Russian and English languages, mathematics, chemistry, music, art, and physical education. More

Eighth grader Anna Zhukova (section 8M1) took first place in the Vladivostok equestrian show jumping competition, clearing a height of 80 centimeters on her horse Grom. More

At the end of the “Greetings, Vladivostok!” program of intensive Russian language study for foreign students, our students from Japan, Switzerland the South Korea proclaimed: “We love Vladivostok and want to come back!” More

The “Turn in batteries, save the planet” campaign continues at ILS, organized jointly with partner company EcoStar Technology. By September, our students, parents and teachers had turned in 20 kilos of used batteries of various types and sizes. More

The Smolny Waterfalls, Petrov Island and Cape Tobizina. These are just a few of the places that ILS students chose to visit on Health Day. More

The joint ILS/Lomonosov Moscow State University “Greetings, Vladivostok” program continues, with students from Japan, South Korea and Sweden, in addition to their other classes and excursions, attending a master class called “Russian tea.” More

Seventh grader Karina Ermakova (section 7M2) and 3rd grader Dmitry Salakhov participated successfully in the Qualification Vlapostok 2019 speed cubing competition, with Karina taking 3rd place in the Rubik 3x3 class (eyes closed) in a time of 8.37 minutes and Dmitry finishing 23rd in the 3x3 high-speed event with a time of 27.37 seconds. More

ILS and Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) have begun a joint program called “Greetings, Vladivostok,” which is the school’s first project with one of Russia’s leading universities. More

A special program “Children instead of flowers,” conducted jointly this year by ILS and the Vladmama Charity Fund, has been successfully completed. Funds collected during the program will be spent in support of children undergoing treatment at the Children’s Cardiological Division of the Regional Center for Specialized Medical Assistance. More

For the 21st International Educational Forum in Morioka the organizers chose three topics from the UN’s 2015 list of goals for sustainable development: child poverty, women’s social advancement, and aging society. Our school was asked to research and give a presentation on the topic “Quality of life among the elderly.” More

The school year has begun, and students are visiting the library in large numbers. Along with textbooks, the ILS library offers encyclopedias and other reference materials along with many different works of fiction and journals for students from primary to high-school grades. More

ILS 5th graders have begun the school year with adaptation training to help them get acquainted with each other, their new school, and their teachers. More

In keeping with school tradition, ILS students in grades 8-12 spent part of Knowledge Day at the Arseniev Museum and the Primorye Picture Gallery. At the gallery, the students learned about Russian art traditions in the XVI-XX centuries and saw an exhibition of works by Valentina Diffins-Chritsy, a Soviet-Russian artist from the Moscow Painting School, along with an exhibit of gold jewelry from the State Hermitage’s Roman collection. More

The first day of the academic year is one of the most memorable, exciting and joyous for all students and teachers. Our school is now an official partner of the national research institute “Higher School of Economics,” which gives every ILS student the opportunity to receive knowledge at the highest level through joint projects. More

At the All-Russian Congress “My Country”, held in St. Petersburg on April 18-21, ILS was recognized as one of Russia’s Top 500 educational organizations, winning a prize in the “Leader in implementing innovative technologies” category. The competition was organized by the “Neva Educational Assembly” socio-professional association. More

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