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Sports matches among ILS 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th graders continue. For many of our 5th graders, the festival is the first serious sports event of their lives. More

Today we wish to share with you the results of Science Week, which was held at ILS from February 6-10. More

ILS students from South Korea devote some of their time away from their studies to learning about the cultural life of Vladivostok, and this excursion was their latest venture. The exhibition “Trip around Asia” is a "painting tour", reflecting the impressions of artists who made creative visits to various Asian countries, including Japan, Vietnam, China, the Philippines, and South Korea. More

ILS 11th graders Alissa McMullen and Maria Voloshina were winners in the English Language competition at the regional level of the 2017 All-Russian School Olympiad. More

Alina Chernigovskaya is a student at Far Eastern Federal University and an active participant in the Primorye Volunteers organization. She and one of her fellow first-year students paid a visit to upper level students at ILS. More

A fascinating brain ring for 5th graders was held by 10th graders and history teachers. The topic of this mind game was “History of the Ancient World”. Even though the contestants were the school’s youngest students, the rules were strict: no more than 30 seconds was given for discussion of the question. More

What could be more interesting that a biology lesson at the Oceanarium, especially when it is taught by a scientist who studies the ancient animal world of the oceans. Serving as guide for ILS 5th and 6th graders was Artem Pyankov, a scientist from the Educational Division. More

Twelve scientists from the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences delivered more than 20 fascinating lectures to ILS students during Science Week. More

The ILS Science Metrics Show was a most entertaining hit with students from the 5th, 6th and 7th grades, who have begun their study of chemistry. The goal of the show was to acquaint students with the many fascinating properties of one of the key elements in our lives – nitrogen. More

ILS sports festival news

07.02.2017 14:04

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A calligraphy exhibition dedicated to New Year on the oriental calendar is currently on display on the third floor of ILS. Students from grades 6-9 who study Chinese depicted the “Rooster”, which is the symbol of 2017, hieroglyph in various ways. More

Science week began with a lecture for upper class students about underwater robots given by Denis Mikhailov and Anton Tolstonogov of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. More

“The first thing I tell my students when the school year begins is that chemistry is inseparable from our daily lives,” explains ILS IB chemistry teacher Andrei Artemyanov. “And as our study of chemistry progresses, we always find examples of its presence around us.” More

The Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) is a priority university for ILS graduates choosing their future profession, and the tour of this prestigious academic institution was an enjoyable bonus for our upper class students visiting the nation’s capital for advanced training in mathematics. More

ILS 5th graders draw words

02.02.2017 11:10

Students in ILS 5M3 class finished their study of the topic “Lexical meaning of words” with a creative task. This area of lexicology teaches students how to find and understand words in context, and their teacher, Galina Korotonozhkina, helps the children to grasp the material through the use of images. More

During their visit to Moscow for advanced mathematics training, ILS students studied topics such as “Solving problems with parameters” and “Number theory”. More

The ILS project “International Day” has been named a finalist in the “Silver Archer” competition in the category “Best project in the area of international communication development” of the Links to Society division. More

ILS high school students participated in math trainings in Moscow held by teachers from the Moscow Physics and Technical Institute. The students were taught how to handle complex mathematical tasks by Yevgeny Molchanov, who is a member of the Methodological Commission and the All-Russian Mathematics School Olympiad jury, and by Nazar Agakhanov, head coach of the Russian Mathematics All-Star Team. More

Studying history at ILS is a very interesting experience. At Alena Zvereva’s lessons, students not only use textbooks but also get hands-on exposure to the past, such as our 10th graders’ recent excursion to the Far Eastern Federal University’s Museum of Science and Study. During their visit, the students learned about the lives of Primorye Region’s first inhabitants and denizens of the Sea of Japan. More

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