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Students are never bored at Russian language and literature lessons with Galina Korotokonozhkina, as they always reinforce their new knowledge with creative activities. In their most recent lesson, students prepared drawings and other materials in support of the topic “Alternation of the vowels ‘o’ and ‘a’ in the roots ‘lag-lozh’ and ‘kos-kas’.” More

ILS 10th grader Daria Tkachuk won the gold medal in the Primorye juniors individual competition. She is already a candidate master of sport with a trophy case full of medals and cupsб and she hopes to add more. More

ILS 10th graders Egor Bulgakov and Lev Evdokimov participated in the “Professional Choice” course offered by teacher-psychologist Sergei Napady. More

Active preparations have begun for the 4th International Children’s Jazz Festival “Pacific Fusion”, scheduled for April 26-27, 2018 at ILS. For the first time, the PF format will be festival-competition, rather than simply festival. More

Third quarter begins at ILS

11.01.2018 11:17

Classes have resumed at ILS, following the New Year's holidays. Today our high school students (9th-12 grades) returned, with classes for the remaining grades (4th - 8th) set to begin on January 15. More

Daniil Adrianiov and Anton Khoroshev are approaching the mid-point of their university studies, with Daniil majoring in PR at Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, and Anton pursuing a degree in Business Strategy at Munich Business School. More

Vadim Sarana, a 2017 ILS graduate, is now a student at Marymount California University in Los Angeles with a major in Business. More

As the New Year approaches, we would like to send greetings to everyone living in our country and to wish you a bright future full of opportunities. May 2018 be a special year for everyone. They say you spend the New Year as you greet it, so we wish you a wonderful New Year’s holiday! More

We offer you heartfelt New Year’s greetings, and we hope that all your dreams come true and that all your goals are achieved. Happy New Year! More

Section 8m2 offers heartfelt New Year’s greetings to our dear parents, teachers and schoolmates! In these final days before the New Year arrives we want to wish everyone goodness, peace, prosperity, happiness and, of course, a little magic. May your homes be warm and cozy, and may your family gather at the table for a fabulous New Year’s dinner! May your holidays be merry, and whole year joyful, wonderful and successful! More

The New Year is a time when dreams and wishes come true, and miracles happen. It is a time that can change your life and help you start fresh. We offer warm greetings to our teachers for 2018, hope all their desires are fulfilled, and wish them patience, success and bright students! May the coming year be productive and bring only positive emotions, along with new projects that become traditions at our school. More

Lessons in Russian as a Foreign Language are always interesting and enlightening, as the teachers create tasks that allow their young learners to acquire not only knowledge of Russian speech, but also of Russian culture and traditions. At one recent lesson, RFL teacher Yulia Filatova and her students explored the topic of traditional dishes. More

ILS 10th graders from section 10M visited two exhibitions at the Primorye Picture Gallery. One featured paintings by Russian artists of the mid-20th century on loan from Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery and united by the common theme: “Windows into Russia”. Each work includes either a window or an open door, symbolizing a specific view of the world around us and the beauty of our vast country. More

Section 7m2 offers warm greetings to everyone for the coming New Year! May it bring you happiness and joy, good luck and good health! We also wish good marks for everyone, and may your greatest wishes come true! More

ILS 6th graders and their fathers enjoyed lively, exciting football, playing together on the same pitch. For 40 minutes fathers and sons battled for the ball, offering spectators a thrilling and dynamic slice of football. More

Issue No.6 of the ILS school newspaper Fox Tales has been published. One of the main articles was an interview with ILS Deputy Principal Natalya Panchenko, who discussed details of the Russian national exams for 9th and 11th graders. The issue also includes two new sections: “The variety of science” and “Accuracy and ingenuity”, as well as an enlarged “The art of reading” section. Also figuring prominently were New Year’s greetings from ILS students and teachers. More

The holidays are drawing near, a magic feeling is in the air along with hope for miracles. We offer heartfelt New Year’s greetings to all ILS students, teachers and parents. More

Dear teachers and fellow students! Section 10m wishes you a Happy New Year, good health, success in all you do, and most of all – patience! We love you!!! More

We wish you pure, white snow, a joyful mood, New Year’s lights, and long-awaited friends. Happy New Year! More

Happy New Year 2018! May the year be filled with bright colors, pleasant impressions and joyful events, and may it bring you good fortune, happiness and smiles! More

We wish you happiness in your life in the coming New Year, many good wishes, and fulfillment of all your dreams! More

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