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In the ILS 5th floor hallway viewers can now see photographs dedicated to Victory Day and the Great Patriotic War. More

This year's event, the 4th International Children's Jazz Festival-Competition, continued the annual trend of increasing participation, while adding a new component: competition. More

ILS students won the hearts of both the audience and the judges at the "Fashion without borders" and "Pygmalion" international competitions for young designers. Among the competitors were professional designers, as well as students, so the level was very high. More

As part of Russian Parliament Day, ILS high school students took part in an open lesson held by deputies of the Primorye Regional Legislative Assembly. More

Improvisations, jazz favorites, duets, trios, solos, choruses, ensembles and orchestras - each performer crafted each performance down to the tiniest details. The nailbiting anticipation among performers, their teachers, and their parents is finally at an end, as all the prizes and diplomas have been awarded, the final impressions exchanged among the competitors - the 4th International Children's Jazz Festival ILS has reached its end. More

The 4th International Children's Jazz Festival-Competition "Pacific Fusion" opened at ILS on April 25 at 2p.m. More

ILS held a basketball match for students from two 8th grade sections and their parents. The match was tense and well contested, ... More

ILS IB program students Lee Sanghyun (10th grade) and Hong Jungwoo (11th grade, teacher Yulia Filatova) both achieved excellent results in the worldwide "Total Dictation" competition. More

Natural Disasters is an English-language project for ILS 7th and 8th graders, culminating in a public defense. The panel of judges, which included teacher Rhonda Slugoski (Canada) and 11th grade students Taisia Moroz and Semen Kostyuchenko, evaluated the competitors for the following criteria: working with information; visual content; expressiveness; contact with the audience; student participation in preparation, and several others for a total of eight criteria. More

Polina Guryanova and Denis Predit (teacher - Natalya Lyalko) participated in the 1st Far Eastern Competition-Festival "I love you, Russia", tying for second place. More

ILS students in grades 5-8 presented a total of 11 reports at the 15th Far Eastern Youth Environmental Conference "People and the biopsphere". More

Every year, ILS students test their physical capabilities by going through the GTO (Ready for labor and defense) PE and sport program. More

ILS students from 6th-8th grade sections 6M1, 6M2, 6M3, 7M1, 8M1 and 8M3 who are learning the Japanese language, together with their teacher Olga Podsvirova, were guests at a gathering titled "In the name of life and friendship, in the tradition of popular diplomacy". The event was timed to coincide with the Year of Japan and Russia and was held at the Gorky Primorsky Regional Public Library. More

ILS students in grades 7-10 recently had career potential testing, administered by school psychologist Marina Yagupova. More

Expanding its international cooperation, ILS on April 6 became a partner school of the French embassy in Russia in the category "RLF Junior" and also joined the international Francophone network. More

Certificates were awarded to the students in the 4th, 5th and 6th grades who achieved the highest results at the school and regional stages of the British Bulldog English language competition. More

ILS 8th grader Mikhail Zelinsky won a diploma and the "audience favorite" award at the 10th International Competition for Young Musicians "Musical Vladivostok 2018" . More

The 4th quarter began for ILS 9th and 10th graders with the defense of their projects and research work. This year's list of topics was unusually wide, including literature, psychology, geography, biology, and IT. A total of 23 different works were submitted to the panel of judges. More

ILS 7th grader Alina Kushnir from section 7M1 was best in the "Stage Mastery" category, while section 7M3 student Milinda Airapetyan in the "Original Genre" category. The winners' teachers are Anna Belonogova and Wang Yuje????. "Chinese Language is a Bridge" is a serious competition for children 12 years of age and older and consists of two rounds: the first includes oral and written testing, while the second has three different stages. Those who make it past the first round are faced with a real challenge: in the first stage, contestants give a prepared presentation on a topic from Chinese history and culture, in the area of linguistics, country studies, literature, traditions and China's scientific achievements. In the second stage, they give spontaneous answers to questions posed by members of the judges panel, while the third stage is an artistic task. More

ILS 8th grader Cho Sein from South Korea was among the prize winners at the 3rd International Inter-university Festival for Foreign Students "I study in Russia", thanks to her rendition of A. Fet's poem "Butterfly". More

ILS Russian language and literature teacher Yelena Strogana recently returned from St Petersburg's Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, where she participated in the training program "Preparation for the Russian State Final Attestation Examination in Russian Language", with special emphasis on mistakes frequently made by native spreakers of other languages used in the Russian Federation. More

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