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Respected colleagues! I congratulate you on this first spring holiday, International Women's Day! More

A team of ILS students led by Chemistry and Biology teacher Lilia Lvova and Informatics teacher Anton Glupak took top spots at the 3rd International Conference "Young researcher" held at Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea. More

ILS 5th grader Matvei Belyaev took 1st place in the Open Championship of Primorsky Region in the giant slalom event in the town of Arseniev for students born in 2007-2008. More

ILS students in the youngest grades held an exciting event with costumes, dances and competitions, all for a single purpose: to say farewell to winter and welcome the long-awaited spring. More

ILS held its first speedcubing competition, with students in grades 5 and 6 taking part. The event was organized by the company Neocube. More

The first ratings for students’ extracurricular activeness have been published in a special section of the ILS school website. More

ILS 10th graders (section 10M) Anfisa Bogdanenko and Timur Teregulov, who are also members of the school's Student Council, were guests on the Mediametrics Vladivostok radio show “The Russian Pacific is our home”. The topic of the broadcast was “Through thorns to the stars: why do we need a good education?” More

The second meeting of the Russian Club for ILS international students was devoted to the topic: “Aleksandr Pushkin – Russia’s greatest poet”. More

ILS 5th grader Taisia Yurova (section 5M1) and her partner took second place in the juniors group at the international dancesport tournament “East Coast Cup 2019”. More

The guest speakers at the second session were Yekaterina Dobromyslova of "Old Fashioned" gastrobar and Miyamoto Tadashi, who teaches Japanese language at the local Japanese Center. More

The traditional 3rd-quarter sport competitions continue at ILS, including matches in football, chess, table tennis, basketball and pioneerball. The most recent winners named were in table tennis and football. More

The 5th graders’ competition for best poster on the topic: “Sensible ways to recycle trash” was proposed by ILS Student Council member Arina Ostrovskaya, a 10th grader in section 10A, who is responsible for environmental issues. More

Students in section 8M3 had a very unusual literature class: a debate, organized by teacher of Russian Language and Literature Galina Korotokonozhkina. More

ILS 8th graders Milinda Airapetian (section 8M3) and Alina Kushnir (section 8M1) have reached the finals of the 7th All-Russian competition “Chinese language is a bridge”, thanks to their excellent written and oral test results. More

During the “Russia through our eyes” poetry reading in the ILS Assembly Hall, our international students read poems by Mikhail Lermontov, Aleksandr Pushkin, Konstantin Simonov, Angia Barto, Bella Akhmadulina, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Tsvetayeva. The competition included students from grades 2-12. More

Three students from ILS were prize winners at the regional stage of the All-Russian School Olympiad for the English Language. More

Most of Vladivostok's favorite spots for residents and tourists are littered with trash, and one such place is Tokarevsky lighthouse. Students from grades 10 and 11, together with their teachers and ILS staff, recently visited the lighthouse, where they removed trash from the grounds around one of the most famous symbols of our city. More

For more than five years, ILS has been a partner of Cambridge University, administering English language exams for receipt of the Cambridge certificate. Twice each year, approximately 100 students test their knowledge of English in this way. More

Students in grades 4-7 studying Chinese language did research on Chinese New Year traditions and the holiday's history. More

ILS 6th graders from section 6M2 , together with their math and homeroom teacher Olga Krotenok, paid a visit to Vladivostok TV and Radio Company, home to the "Children's News" TV program. More

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