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Thanks to their performance at the calligraphy master classes, which serve as the 1st round of the 2nd stage of the XII Primorsky Regional Calligraphy Competition, nine ILS students were selected for the final round of the competition. More

ILS 5th graders from section 5M2 were treated to a lesson on The Tropical Forest Community and sea mammal training at the Primorye Oceanarium. More

Do you know the history of the Primorye Regional Philharmonic? Our 4th, 5th and 6th graders do, after learning interesting facts about the creation of one of Vladivostok's main concert halls from the "Madame Galetskaya" program, under the guidance of international prize winning cellist Natalya Krivitskaya. More

ILS 10th grader Daria Tkachuk won her latest gold medals in singles and doubles play at the City Table Tennis Championships in Vladivostok. The tournament was organized by the Vladivostok City Administration jointly with the Table Tennis Federation. More

ILS 10th grader Polina Savchenko (teacher - Valentina Kovaleva) won the gold medal in literature at the city stage of the All-Russian School Olympiad, with 11th graders Daria Kikta (teacher - Natalya Lyalko) also taking a top prize. More

The "Cognitiion" project continues at ILS, with the latest installment a lecture called "Electronic money. Modern payment systems", given by Svetlana Kalinina, head of the Payment Services Development Division at the Primorye Regional Office of Sberbank. More

ILS has received confirmation from the organizers of the 6th All-Russian Educational Forum “School of the Future” in St. Petersburg that ILS was a prizewinner in the “100 Best Schools of Russia” competition. ILS Principal Olga Shevchenko was among those honored in the “Principal of the Year” category and was also accepted as an honorary member of the International Academy of Quality and Marketing. More

The Fire$Fox ensemble, with Olga Sergienko on bass, Vyacheslav Vedernikov on piano, Ivan Daks on percussion and Svetlana Knyazeva on vocals offered the audience an array of classic jazz tunes, including “I got rhythm”, “Сry me a river”, «Night in Tunisa”, “Seven nation army” and “Song of fading flowers”. More

ILS is represented on various main social platforms, including Facebook, VKontakte and YouTube. Now, the school’s profile is also available on the popular platform Instagram. More

The “Cognition” project continues at ILS, with students in grades 8-11 attending a lesson in financial literacy given by the manager of the Primorye head office of Sberbank, Andrei Zharsky. The topic of his lecture was “Professions of the future, trends of the new times”. More

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution in Russia, the director of Vladivostok’s Arseniev Primorsky Region Museum, Viktor Shalai, visited ILS and told our 7th graders about the sources of these events and their consequences for all Russian citizens, including those in Vladivostok. More

ILS students continue to learn about TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), and this time the initiates were 6th graders from section 6M2. Teacher-psychologist Sergei Napady and the students worked on theoretical issues, with Sergei using examples to explain how the TRIZ mechanism can be applied in practice to any area of life. It should be noted that TRIZ problems do not have “correct” solutions. All solutions are fine, but some are the most profitable it terms of time and materials used. More

A dozen ILS students from South Korea spent their autumn holidays most memorably in Moscow, accompanied by ILS teachers Valentina Kovaleva, Yulia Filatova and Lee Heilee. At Moscow State University they visited the Institute for Asian and African Countries, as well as the university’s Kolmogorov Study and Scientific Center-Boarding School. More

The selection round of the 12th Primorye Regional Calligraphy Competition was held at ILS for students in grades 5-10 studying Chinese language. Twenty of our best young scholars drew Chinese characters chosen by the competition’s organizer – the FEFU Confucius Institute. The students were assisted in their efforts by Chinese specialists Zhang Lin More

What to do in your professional life and how to choose your future career? Teacher-psychologist Sergei Napady gave ILS 11th graders guidance on how to make their choices. More

ILS students in grades 5-11 tested their knowledge in the local stage of the All-Russian School Olympiad, doing tasks in a range of subjects, including chemistry, English language, literature, geography, Russian language, physics, mathematics, economics, biology, law and Chinese language. More

ILS 11th graders from South Korea Park Yoonsun and Yang Gitae took part in the 9th Regional Scientific and Practical Conference "My country - my Russia: this land is yours and mine. Current important tendencies in the development of science and education in the modern world". The conference was organized by the FEFU Department of Pre-university Education and Student Selection and the university complex "High School-College". More

Students from ILS 6th grade group 6M1 aqquired skills for treks through the Primorye forests with instructors from the company "Traveller". Experienced adults from the Primorye Federation of Sport Tourism taught our students how to make their way through a swamp, explained what they should do if any of them injures a leg and cannot walk, showed them how to use ropes to cross a ravine, and how not to lose their way in a cave. More

Four teams of the fastest, most skillful and most resourceful 5th graders and their parents competed at the ILS sport holiday "Happy starts". See our photo report for some of the most exciting moments of the competition. More

ILS sixth graders from section 6M1 spent two days learning under the TRIZ (Keys to technical inovation) system. More

ILS 10th grader Olesya Gorashko took first place in the "Top Translator 2017" Internet translation competition in the category "Translation of Journalistic Texts" (teacher, Olga Shevchenko). The competition was timed to coincide with International Translators Day and included students in grades 9-11. More

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