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Elections to the ILS Student Council were held on October 10, with students indicating their preferences for candidates for the offices of President, Head of Ecology, Head of Personal Development, Head of Media, and Head of Civil Activity. Each candidate gave a presentation to the student body on his or her election platform. More

We help our students to develop their personal interaction skills away from school as well as in it. With this in mind, 5th graders from group 5M3 tried their hand at a game of laser tag against other children of the same age. More

Student Government day is a traditional annual event at ILS, when 10th and 11th graders take on the responsibilities of teachers and give classes to their younger schoolmates. On October 5th, 53 ILS students held more than 170 lessons, including two lessons for teachers. More

ILS' youngest students spent Health Day in a computer game world. Third and fourth grade students, along with their teachers Olga Yakovleva and Maria Volina, went to a paintball club where the children played a game of laser tag. More

The third day of International Week was sports day, and not just any sports but the traditional sports of different nations. More

The student council presidential campaign has been intense, with 10th grade candidate Yaroslav Paramonov handing out "Paramonov 20!8" stickers to friends and supporters from the very first day. More

ILS students, together with teacher trainees visiting the school from Shaanxi Pedagogical University in Xi'an, China, participated in Vladivostok's grand parade for Tiger Day. More

As part of their introduction to Russian and overseas educational institutions, ILS high school students met with a visiting representative of the SolBridge International School of Business, which is located in the South Korean city of Daejeon. More

ILS 10th graders Anfisa Bogdanenko and Yaroslav Paramonov, together with 9th graders Ksenia Didik and Timur Gusenov participated in the 4th regional rally of the Russian School Students' Movement, held at Vladivostok's Okean Children's Center. More

Every autumn, ILS students and teachers have interesting excursions on Health Day. This year, 6th graders from section 6M2, together with their math and homeroom teacher Olga Krotenok, went to Russian Island to see the Voroshilov Battery military site. More

ILS 9th graders studying Japanese and French, along with their Japanese language teacher, Olga Podsvirova, and their French language teacher, Yelena Poddubnyak, attended the Pacific Meridian Film Festival, where they watched the film "The night I swam," a joint Japanese-French production. More

Russian Language and Literature teacher Galina Korotkonozhkina, who is also the homeroom teacher for section 9M3, went with her students to Mt. Timpur to enjoy the view of Ussuriisk Bay and surrounding areas from the summit. More

After reading some of Homer's lines and couplets, ILS 5th graders expressed their admiration in verse of their own creations. More

The film festival "Pacific Meridian" is in full swing in Vladivostok, and its guests from the New York Film Academy paid a visit to ILS. Program head Lidia Sedrone and Jacob Aaron Torgeson, who teaches directing and film editing, spoke with ILS students about the film industry. More

Fifth graders in sections 5M1 and 5M2 visited the school psychologists’ office for their first session in the ILS Adaptation Project. The children will have several special training sessions to better acquaint them with the school and each other. More

ILS 6th and 7th graders took part in Russia’s National Mathematics Monitoring Week, conducted by the online school “Znanika”. More

ILS student Anfisa Bogdanenko has received the prestigious Primorye Governor’s Stipend, based on her results for the second semester of the 2017-2018 academic year. More

For the seventh straight year, students from Shaanxi Pedagogical University in Xi'an, China have come to ILS for teaching practice. Over the next month, these future teachers of biology, physics and dance, as well as the Chinese, Russian and English languages, will learn about Russian teaching methodology and the individual approaches used by ILS teachers when preparing and conducting classses. More

ILS held a successful planned fire drill. It took just 3 minutes for students, teachers, and school staff to evacuate through the main and emergency exits of the building. More

ILS 7th graders and their homeroom teacher, Aleksandra Matyushina, paid a weekend visit to a paleontological village near Nakhodka and nearby Atlanta Valley. More

ILS 8th graders from groups 8M2 and 8M3 who are learning the Chinese language visited the Primorye State Picture Gallery to view an exhibition by Chinese artist Mao Guanhuei called “Perception of China: Xiangxi in ink”. More

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