My opinion about the League of Nations

 On March 14th, our 10th grade and 11th grade students had debates about the League of Nations, specifically as to whether it was an effective international organization or not. These debates were organized by our IB history teachers Rhonda Slugoski and Liubov Chernova.

 It was a very interesting experience for me. At first, we were separated into two teams by pulling papers with numbers from a hat. My team was against the League of Nations, and we had a lot of confidence in our point of view. The opposite team also had some strong arguments but my teammates were prepared for that and we won.

 I really respect the effort that our teachers made for us and I am extremely thankful for gaining such experience. During the debates, I befriended some of the 11 graders and developed critical thinking not only through hypothetical situations, as in Theory of Knowledge, but also through first-hand experience.

Elizaveta Babina

10 Grade, Pre-IB

My opinion about the League of Nations My opinion about the League of Nations

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