Research project preparations begin at ILS

ILS 7th and 8th graders have begun preparing for this year’s third-term research projects, which are presented in English. This year, the students will be looking into the various factors that lead to the emergence of new music genres and the development of existing genres.

English language teacher Svetlana Feshchenko, who serves as English-language subjects coordinator for grades 5-9, explains: “Every year we prepare a research project for our students on a topic which we believe is significant and will be interesting for them to learn about and present. We look forward very much to seeing how each group will handle its task.”

The students will spend the next 6-7 weeks preparing, and will present their projects to a panel of judges on March 14 and 15.

“Research projects are an integral part of the educational program at ILS,” notes ILS Principal Olga Shevchenko. “The students work with many different sources of information, learn how to analyze, discuss their results in groups, and present their findings at special assemblies. We believe the process makes a strong contribution to students’ development.”

Research project preparations begin at ILS Research project preparations begin at ILS Research project preparations begin at ILS

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