ILS 5th graders make "tasty" JAM

Fifth graders Jonas Derks and Margarita Maistrenko (section 5M2) have launched an exciting new project called "JAM Jonas&Margo", which you can see on the ILS YouTube channel.

"What's your favorite subject? That's the question we put to our school's students and teachers," Jonas and Margarita explain. "We've had answers in Russian and English, and it looks like our first clip turned out to be pretty interesting."

The 5th graders are not giving away any secrets, but they did say that people will like next release too.

"Making video clips is a good way to make yourself feel like a real TV correspondent," notes ILS Principal Olga Shevchenko. "The children learn how to speak and carry themselves on screen, while training their creative abilities as well."

ILS 5th graders make "tasty" JAM

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