Student ratings published for ILS grades 5-11

Work on shaping the rating system for the extracurricular activities of ILS students continues. In the 3rd quarter, the participation of students in grades 5-7 in school, city and regional non-academic activities was analyzed, leading to changes in the rating system.

“When summing up the extracurricular activity of ILS students we realized that it is important to pay attention to where the activity was done: at school, or elsewhere at the student’s initiative,” explains Student Council President Anfisa Bogdanenko. “We created a rating committee, which includes Timur Teregulov of section 10M and Sonya Selivonchik of section 9M1.”

The new rules and regulations for the rating system can be seen at the ILS website, section Student Council, subsection Rating System. Class ratings are available in the Class Ratings section.

“The work our students are doing to create the rating system is serious and responsible,” notes ILS Principal Olga Shevchenko. “It has continued this year, with students taking the top places eligible to take part in next year’s Student Council elections in September, enabling them, if successful, to guide the Council’s in the coming academic year.”

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