ILS elects new Student Council

Elections to the ILS Student Council were held on September 16. The candidates for the office of President were Sonya Selivonchik (section 10M) and Oh Se Rin (11M). Competing for the post of Director for Environmental Issues were Polina Guryanova (8M1) and Oh Ye Rin (9M2). Cho Sein ran unopposed for the position of Director for Media Issues, as did Lev Novitsky (10M) for the position of Director for Personal and Intellectual Development.

Students in grades 7-12 cast ballots, with the following results:

Sonya Selivonchik – 109 votes

Oh Se Rin – 66 votes

Polina Guryanova – 73 votes

Oh Ye Rin – 100 votes

Cho Sein – 112 votes

Lev Novitsky – 166 votes

The members of the new ILS Student Council are:

Sonya Selivonchik – President

Oh Se Rin – Vice President

Oh Ye Rin – Director for Environmental Issues

Polina Guryanova – Assistant Director for Environmental Issues

Cho Sein – Director for Media Issues

Lev Novitsky – Director for Personal and Intellectual Development

Election commission:

Chair – Lina Van (9M1)

Secretary – Elizaveta Rudenko (8M1)

Member with Advisory Vote – Eva Titkova (10B)

“We congratulate all the new members of the Student Council,” says ILS Principal Olga Shevchenko. “This year the council is truly international, and we are certain that the students will bring to fruition many new ideas for the betterment of our school.”

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