ILS international students achieve excellent results on Russian language tests

ILS international students were finalists and winners at the International Online Olympiad for Russian as a Foreign Language. The competition was organized by the Russian Federal Ministry of Education and St. Petersburg State University.

The Olympiad was held in three stages: first round, second round, final.

Two students taught by ILS teacher Valentina Kovaleva reached the second round: 12 graders Lee Sang Hyun and Park Yejin, as did two students of Yulia Filatova: Lee Joon Gi (8th grade) and Lee Joon Hyeok (9th grade).

“The first-round task for both age groups included an online text on Russian grammar and vocabulary, as well as an online text testing the students’ ability to understand the basic meaning and details,” explains Valentina Kovaleva. “The second-round task was a text testing the participants’ command of Russian lexical, syntactic and grammatical rules.”

Two students taught by Yulia Filatova reached the finals:

1st place: Cho Sein (10th grade)

2nd place: Cho Yeji (8th grade)

“There are currently 54 international students at ILS from a range of countries that includes South Korea, North Korea, China, Japan, India and the Netherlands,” notes ILS Principal Olga Shevchenko. “All of them study Russian as a foreign language, attend master classes, and participate in competitions in a multicultural setting that creates an atmosphere of trust.”

ILS international students achieve excellent results on Russian language tests

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