No forbidden topics at ILS

There are no forbidden topics between teachers and students at ILS, with the teachers pointing out that the safety and health of schoolchildren depends on awareness. Dr Elena Obushnaya, a dermatovenerologist of the highest category and head of the Trust Center of the Regional Dermatovenerologic Dispensary, met with ILS high school students, telling them about the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, about the symptoms, and where to go, without hesitation,   for advice and treatment .

“The topic is quite relevant,” explains Elena Obushnaya. “Today more than a billion people suffer from sexually transmitted infections, and the problem of their spread among children and adolescents is especially acute. Moreover, sick parents often infect children. In addition to age, there is another risk factor: low awareness among teenagers about the prevention of sexual diseases.”

“Many parents often do not know how to tell their children about safety and protection in this delicate matter,” notes ILS Principal Olga Shevchenko. “The school assumes the function of conveying important information to students firsthand.”

No forbidden topics at ILS No forbidden topics at ILS No forbidden topics at ILS

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