ILS Student Council compiles class ratings for the third quarter

The ILS Student Council is continuing its efforts at compiling personal ratings for ILS students. The ratings committee consists of 10th graders Mikhail Zelensky, Maria Nedbaylova, Ekaterina Matlina, Sonya Selivonchik, and Alexandra Klimochkina, along with 9th grader Anastasia Peshko.

“In the third quarter, there were many events that we reflected in our personal ratings,” says Student Council president Sonia Selivonchik. “Many students participated in school sports competitions, as well as sports competitions at the federal and regional levels. Also, a group of ILS students spoke at an international scientific conference in Seoul. We scanned the information about student activities on the school website's news feed and we asked the homeroom teachers for additional information.”

Rating system criteria are available on the website in the Student Council section. Points are calculated using the formula: B= 10×Km×Kr×Kk×Ko, where

Km is the event level coefficient

Kr is the role in organizing/conducting the event coefficient

Kk is the performance quality coefficient

Ko is the special contribution coefficient

“Student ratings are always discussed actively by students and homeroom teachers,” notes ILS Principal Olga Shevchenko. “One feature of the rating system is that it is about students’ extracurricular achievements, not their academic performance. Our students like the system because everyone has different abilities and talents that they can show outside the classroom.” 


ILS Student Council compiles class ratings for the third quarter

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