ILS Student Council elections scheduled for October 6

On October 6, ILS will hold its third annual elections to the Student Council, with students in grades 7-12 voting for the council president and section heads for ecology, media and volunteer work.

Every year, council members from grades nine and ten develop new programs and create interesting and useful projects to propose to the student body. One permanent and central area of work for the council is student ratings, compiled under the guidance of the council president.

As ILS Principal Olga Shevchenko explained to our students and teachers: “We look forward to seeing active, responsible pupils on this year’s council, which we firmly believe will lead their peers in exciting, valuable directions.”

Students wishing to become candidates have until September 16 to submit – to the Press Center in Room 601 – their campaign programs, which will be placed on the ILS website and on information boards around the school.

Any questions you have should be addressed to the Press Center director, who also heads our chapter of the Russian School Students’ Movement.    

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