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Dear students, teachers and school administrators! We offer best wishes for the coming holidays! May New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day bring you a miracle that will accompany you all through the 2018. We wish you health, happiness and success in the New Year! More

We wish you a holiday mood as bright as the lights on your tree, and thoughts as pure and sincere as December snow! May all your wishes come true! More

An exhibition of paintings by ILS students has opened in the school’s first floor Art-Etage, including about 20 works in different genres and techniques for the viewing pleasure of our students and guests. More

ILS students from section 11a took New Year’s gifts to children undergoing treatment at Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital No.1. More

ILS 6th graders from sections 6m3 and 6m1 presented their parents, teachers, and fellow students with a wonderful gift as the New Year’s holidays approach: a fine performance of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. More

The traditional New Year’s Charity Fair has begun at ILS. This year we are collecting funds to help finance medical treatment for 6-year-old Alisa Beloborodova. More

Our winners in the "Best Interview" category were 6th grader Elizaveta Rudenko, 7th grader Alena Popova, 8th grader Aleksandra Kafanova and 9th grader Veronika Zhandarmova. More

Four 10th grade students – Gleb Kaminsky, Tatyana Eroshova, Milana Novruzova and Petr Troshchenko – received DELF A1 certificates. They began studying French in 7th grade, and two years later (in the summer of 2017) passed the exam to receive the certificate for Level 1 knowledge of the language. More

Director Nile Pame of David Gane College in Great Britain met with ILS high school students to discuss the specifics of studying in Britain and living in the UK. More

The results of the municipal stage of the All-Russian School Olympiad for Chinese language are in, and ILS 7th grader Alina Kushnir (section 7M1, teacher Anna Belonogova) is one of the prize winners. More

ILS international students continue their visits to the theater, this time taking in a performance of the ballet “Giselle”. More

ILS 6th graders have completed their TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) training, with section 6M3 as the final group. During their two days with their trainer, teacher-psychologist Sergei Napadny, students in each section came up with non-standard solutions to by no means simple problems. More

For ILS students, reaching the finals of the 12th Primorye Regional Calligraphy Competition is another step forward in their study of the Chinese language. More

Students from grades 5-8 participated in the reading. "This year we decided to dedicate the competition to readings from the works of Alexandr Pushkin, because his verse and poems are interesting to children, as well as adults," explains jury chairm Valentina Kovaleva. "We were most impressed by the wide range of selections our students made." More

The winner at the municipal stage of the All-Russian Olympiad was ILS 9th grader Ksenia Dudik (teacher – Yelena Ozarnikova). Second place went to 10th grader Aleksei Nomerovsky (teacher – Olga Shevchenko), while the bronze medalist was 8th grader Arina Belan (teacher – Yevgenia Tsoi). More

ILS Russian Language and Literature teacher Valentina Kovaleva participated in the recent international conference “The Road to School”, held as part of Russian Language Week in Berlin. The conference was organized by Rossosotrudnichestvo (Cooperation), Russian Center in Berlin, MITRA – Society of Russian Language Parents and Teachers in Berlin, and Ethnoshpere Municipal Education Center, in cooperation with VIA LIGHT – International Pedagogical Society in Support of Russian Language. More

Napadny, an experienced psychologist and teacher, discussed ways of making correct career choices with ILS 10th graders at a recent training at our school. For many students, it was a chanced for significant discovery. More

EG test preparation always raises many questions among students and parents, and the ILS administration tries to keep everyone informed in a timely manner so that students can make informed choices about optional subject tests in addition to obligatory. More

ILS 7th grader Margarita Belovodskaya a prize winner at the Municipal Stage of the All-Russian School Students' Biology Olympiad; likewise 10th grader Mikhail Meshchanyuk for Ecology. More

The latest in a series of financial literacy lessons for ILS high school students as part of the “Cognition” project was a lecture on the modern credit and banking system and the stock market given by Igor Rumyantsev, head of the Global Markets Department of the Primorye Division of Sberbank. More

“My first class at The Hun School was acting, and to be honest, it was a little bit scary,” admits ILS 9th grade graduate Gennady Lazarev. “I won’t hide the fact that it took some time to get used to new study conditions, new classmates and new teachers.” More

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