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The basketball tournament among the fifth grades of the International Linguistic School revealed the best players. The fifth grade teams showed good physical conditions. Each player did his best and showed a beautiful game. More

Students of the International Linguistic School showed high results at the specialized All-Russian Olympiads. The victories of the children are not only assessments of their knowledge, but also confirmation of the high level of skill of teachers. More

The sports festival at the International Linguistic School continues! 6th graders continue to competitions, and now they did their best on football field. More

28 elementary school students took part in the "Festival of Experiments" at the International Linguistic School, and 10th grade student Varvara Pozhitkova supported the children. More

Groups of 7th grade students turned into "travel agencies" in English lessons. Students had to rethink Jonathan Swift's fairy tale "Gulliver's Journey" and develop attractive tourist routes. More

Eating banana, you never think about DNA of this delicious fruit. But the students of the 10th grade under the guidance of biology teacher Evgenia Bystritskaya were into the study of this issue seriously. To make the experiment, students needed salt (sodium chloride), detergent, ethanol and a piece of banana. And now they can say - we've seen banana DNA! More

Vladivostok hosted the championship of Primorsky region in alpine skiing and students of the International Linguistic School traditionally took part in it and won prizes. More

The intellectual game Game Club, where students compete in knowledge, erudition and awareness, is always popular among students of the International Linguistic School: the students come up with team mottos, create funny support posters. More

The Sport Festival 2022 at the International Linguistic School continues! 8th grade students competed in table tennis, trying to create as many difficult serves as possible for their opponents. Football also keeps attention – the fans support their teams, and the players skillfully pass the ball. Nevertheless, the 7M1 turned was the best on the football field. More

- When we drew up the plan of the Week of Sciences and thought what could interest our foreign students, we decided to "open" Russia for them, - explains Marina Artemenko, Vice-Principal of Science of the International Linguistic School. - During the lessons, students got acquainted with the activities of leading Russian scientists, learned about plants growing in the Primorsky region and animals living in Taiga forests, research conducted by scientists of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. More

A real surprise at the Science Week for elementary school students of the International Linguistic School was the play of "Myths of Ancient Greece" performed by fifth grade students. Which of the gods of Olympus is worthy to be the patron saint of Athens? Who stole the daughter of the goddess Demeter? In an accessible language, fifth graders from the stage told the most famous myths of Ancient Greece."Own the East." More

The Sport festival continues at the International Linguistic School: on February 8, the best in pioneer ball among the fifth grades were determined. The 5M2 turned out to be the most productive and took the first place. The second place was taken by the 5M1 and 5M3 class received the “bronze”. Rinat Nigmatulin, a student of 8M2, shows excellent results in fencing: as a member of the Primorsky region team, he became a participant in the Russian fencing championship among boys U-18, which took place in Tolyatti in January of this year. More

The art work of the student of the International Linguistic School Alina Anchokova became the best in the category "Winter Tale" at the XVII International Multi-Genre Festival of Arts, organized by the Center for Education, Culture and Recreation "Own the East" of Vladivostok and the Department of Culture of Suifenhe with the support of the Primorsky Regional Center of folk culture. More

The second day of the Science Week at the International Linguistic School began with a meeting of the linguistic debate club. 8th grade students competed in knowledge about the predicate and its forms. This difficult part of the sentence became the main one in the exercises for argumentation and discussion. More

Among the teams of fifth graders, the best on the football field were determined. Players easily passed the ball, showed best skills and scored a lot of goals! More

The projects of tenth grade students, which they developed during their participation in the activity game "Vladivostok – the city of the future", are taking on increasingly clear forms: the students think over the details, explore the reaction of society to the proposed ideas, count the risks and evaluate the opportunities More

Veronika Zhandarmova, a 2020 graduate of the International Linguistic School – is a successful student of the Chemistry Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University. She passed the Unified State Exam in chemistry having 97 points and was enrolled in one of the best universities in the country. More

More participants are joining the school sport festival: 5th grade students competed in intellectual battles in the chess tournament and students of 8th and 9th grades competed in major basketball competition. More

On the eve of the World Cancer Day, students of 8th and 10th grades met with the president and founder of the charity fund "Save Life" Yana Baigot. More

The Mayor of Vladivostok presented the award "For achieving high results in sport" to 8th grade students of the ILS Nikita Sukach and Yaroslav Nazarov. More

Egor Pavlov took third place in the XVI Far Eastern contest-celebration of children's, youth and family creativity "Gift". Egor presented Nikolai Nekrasov's poem "The Schoolboy" to the jury of the contest. More

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