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Issue No.7 of the ILS school newspaper Fox Tales has been published and is devoted mainly to our school's International Baccalaureat (IB) program. More

The musical "Bremen Town Musicians" premiered on the ILS stage, with students from 5th grade section 5M1 offering the first performance. More

How to get an education in Japan? What supplemental exams must be taken to be accepted by a Japanese college or university? What do Japanese educational centers offer foreigners who wish to improve their knowledge of Japanese? More

The exhibition of works of art by 8th-grade students has opened at ILS on the first floor outside the school's arts and crafts rooms. The works were created at various times using various techniques, including graphics, oil, and dry pastel, with students expressing a wide range of ideas and emotions. More

The current round of sports competitions at ILS continues, with the latest winners named: More

ILS students from section 5M2 finished their study of Daniel Defoe's novel "Robinson Crusoe" with a creative lesson. More

ILS Japanese language teacher Olga Podsvirova and her students recently had a fascinating encounter with Japanese animation. More

ILS students are trying to get the maximum value from the final days of winter. Fifth grader Aleksandr Polyakov from section 5M2 participated in the “USSR Hero of Sport L. Smirnykh” downhill skiing competition on Sakhalin Island, held at the Gorny Vozdukh resort in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. More

ILS international students and their homeroom teachers recently visited Shtykovskiye Prudy Art Park, where they tried tubing and skating. More

Once upon a time, biology lessons for 6th graders in section 6M2 took an unexpected turn: Their teacher, Lilia Lvova, gave the students the assignment of cultivating bean seeds in order to study their structure. More

All ILS participants achieve good results, receive certificates for winter Cambridge Exams session More

During Maslenitsa week, Bayarushka Studio participants Alina Kushnir, Maria Shteinkova and Elena Bolsunovskaya told students from the European Pro-gymnasium about the history of traditional Russian costumes. More

ILS 6th graders began their study of positive and negative numbers by meeting with Pythagoreans. Students from 7th grade sections 7M3 and 7M2 dressed as ancient Greek scholars prepared a fascinating journey back to the origin of positive and negative numbers. More

Spring is the time when high school seniors decide where they will continue their education, and every year visotors from top world universities come to our school to help guide students in their choices. Our most recent visitors were representatives from the University of Nottingham, Ningbo in China. The meeting with our students was conducted in English and included a highly informative presentation, followed by a question-and-answer session. More

Fifth graders from section 5M2, together with their math and homeroom teacher Olga Krotenko, paid a visit to Vladivostok's Einstein Science Museum during Science Week. More

ILS students in grades 6-9 created an exhibition dedicated to the Chinese New Year, which this year was February 16. Together with their Chinese language teachers Anna Belenogova, Marina Oleinik and XXXXXX, the students cut Chinese characters out of paper, and used them to decorate the third floor of the school. More

Another victory! Winners from the 8th grade table tennis competition announced. More

The 10th grade chess tournament is under way at ILS, giving participants the opportunity to demonstrate and strengthen skills vital to academic success, such as logic, analysis and forecasting. Those who do this best can be expected to achieve the strongest results. More

ILS 9th graders defended a total of fifteen different scientific research projects, including topics such as historical collisions, the causes of teenage crime, migration processes in Primorye Region, ways to develop intuition, advertising effectiveness, success at international competitions, and even the tender topic of love. More

Among those participating in Science Week at ILS were our youngest students from Russia, Japan, India and the Netherlands, children from pre-school age to 4th grade, who were treated to a special “Mega-science” show. Together with their teacher Olga Yakovleva, the children immersed themselves in a cheerful atmosphere of illusions, along with experiments in physics and chemistry. More

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