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The meeting of the linguistic debate club is devoted to the topic "Word combination". The goal of the project "Actual about Russian" – to hear how eighth graders are able to reason, understand what a thesis, argument, counterargument is, and how they master the main topics in Russian, as well as to prepare students for writing the All-Russian test work and the State exam in Russian language. More

Jamal and Akmal Dustiyev took the podium at the Championship and Championship of Primorsky Krai in hand-to-hand combat, which took place on September 14-16 in Vladivostok. The boys, despite their young age, are already experienced athletes. More

According to the organizers, the competition is designed to provide real support and assistance to students, to give a sense of self-confidence based on the fact that the world is orderly and therefore understandable, therefore predictable for a person. And mathematics plays an important role in this! More

Last Friday, October 7, the International Linguistic School hosted a self-government day. Many high school students tried themselves as teachers, and the students really liked to have own lessons! More

The International Linguistic School and the Institute of Russian Language and Culture of Lomonosov Moscow State University have a long and good friendship. For the first time, the deputy director of the IRIIK, Candidate of Philological Sciences Valery Vladimirovich Chastnyh visited our school in 2017 and together with a team of teachers, the institute held a three-day training marathon for students and teachers of the ILS. More

A trip to the park "Shykovsky Ponds" became an exciting quest for fifth graders of the International Linguistic School. More

The profession of a teacher is the most noble and creative. Today our students congratulated their mentors on the kindest holiday - Teacher's Day. More

"Catch the Dragon by the Tail" (China), "Cockfight" (Korea), "Tag with the Ball" (France), "Rucheek" (Russia), "Daruma – san ga koronda" (Japan), "RED Rover" (UK), "Follow the Leader" (Canada, USA) – these are the games that high school students volunteers offered to play for elementary school students. More

The teacher of Russian language and literature of the International Linguistic School Galina Korotonozhkina suggested 5M4 students to consolidate the theme of "Fairy Tales" with mini-performances. The students chose fairy tales "Puss in Boots", "Cinderella" and "Little Red Riding Hood" for their productions. More

International Week continues with master classes of the national culture of Japan, Korea, Canada, the USA, France, China, Russia, where children immerse themselves in the world of ancient craft. Master classes were conducted not only by ILS teachers, but also by the parents of our students. - The Beijing Opera is a national treasure of China, - explains the choice of the master class a teacher of Chinese Marina Oleinik. – In traditional Chinese theaters, an artist can make up one artist for several hours so that his image matches the role. Drawing a mask, the students choose colors that symbolize certain emotions and the character of the characters. More

Dear colleagues! I sincerely congratulate you on Teacher's Day! Your professional skills, warmth of hearts and spiritual sensitivity help children to believe in themselves, to realize themselves creatively, to embody the most daring and modern ideas in the future. More

Our journey across countries and continents continues, International Week welcomes guests from India, France, Germany, Great Britain. The presenters of the presentation of India are Pandey Anshuman, a 4th grade student from India, and Damir Magomedov, a 9th grade student from Russia. The students became guides to the world of Indian culture and introduced us to the culture, architecture, and national cuisine of this amazing, truly magical country for every European. More

International Week at the International Linguistic School this year is dedicated to the cultural heritage and cultural values of different countries. It is culture that preserves the peculiarities of national identity, national characteristics and constitutes the national pride of each state. Our school has students and teachers from India, Japan, the Republic of Korea, China, Canada, the USA, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Belarus, and we are glad to learn even more about the cultural heritage of each of these countries. International Week opened with a "journey" in Korea. The "travelers" wandered through the halls of the museum, where they were sung national songs, invited to perform a national dance, showed the masterpieces of ancient architects, surprised with views of nature, introduced to K-pop, which has conquered the world music space. More

Students of the 8th grade of the International Linguistic School decided to find out how do stars look like, how solar energy affects our planet, what meteorites are, what the remnants of supernova explosions look like, and visited to the PrimAstro Observatory. More

Crossword, Sudoku, Tick tok book, Monopoly, Fabulatics, Brain Box, Memories of 30 seconds, Davinci Code, Imaginarium, International linguistic Snake, Talat – each of these board games was presented by students in the final of Literacy Day. - All the groups have done a lot of work – the students showed their favorite board games that they play at home, and gave arguments why their game could be a good addition to the lessons, - says ESL teacher Alexandra Matyushina. - And today we saw creative presentations on the stage. Each group chose the main advantages of the games, showed the possibilities of using them in the educational process and managed to interest the audience. More

The International Linguistic School has studios for painting and ceramics, singing and playing guitar, ukulele, piano, drums, a theater studio, a Fashion and Style studio, where girls study the secrets of creating costumes and fashionable images, a Boyarushka studio, where girls study to sew, learn the features of the cut and the meaning of the ornament Russian folk costume. Sport lovers are happy to attend volleyball, basketball, mini-football, table tennis, sports dancing and chess sections. Is it a lot or a little? Is it enough? More

The new academic year at the International Linguistic School began with new language projects. The idea of the project belongs to the coordinator of subjects of the English program Svetlana Feshchenko and the teacher of the Russian language, head of the method association of teachers of the Russian language Zhanna Belyaeva. More

The students of the 6th and 9th grades of the International Linguistic School decided to spend a Health day in the Khasansky district – the southernmost territory of Primorsky Krai. Here is the national park "Land of the Leopard" and specially protected areas where red book animals live. More

Akmal Dustiev became the best in his age category at the regional youth boxing tournament "Livadia Ring". Akmal's awards now include the "gold" medal of the Livadia Ring – 2022. More

Nikita Shelestov's classmates are always interested in sports achievements on the ice rink – during class trips to the ice arena "Fetisov Hall" Nikita demonstrates complex elements to the classmates. More

The International Linguistic School begins preparations for the Elections to the Council of Students - on September 20, during the meeting with grades 7-11, the President of the Council of Students of the ILS, a student of the 10th grade, Karina Ermakova, will tell the public about what they managed to accomplish from the declared programs, and what they decided to implement in this educational year. More

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