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The decision to hold this year’s jazz festival in distance format was made in response to the prohibition, for an indefinite period, of large-scale events. More

ILS interiors are delighting students and teachers alike in the new academic year. During the summer designers worked hard to beautify the school. The 7th floor hallway is now adorned with the portraits and life stories of famous Russian mathematicians and scientists, and the music room now looks like a jazz rehearsal studio. Throughout the school students can see the results of the designers’ summer labors. More

ILS 11th grader Lev Novitsky spent the summer holidays most usefully, as he was named among the winners at the Primorsky regional stage of the All-Russian "21st Century Leader" competition for the heads of children's and youth public associations. More

Anfisa Bogdanenko and Liza Kondratyuk are two students who, while still in school, determined what their future profession would be and began moving purposefully towards their goals. Both are hard-working, knowledgeable young women who understand the value of knowledge and skills. Anfisa is currently studying at Williston Northampton School and hopes to enroll at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Liza graduated from the 12th grade at Thornton Academy and her goal is to attend either Duke University or the University of California San Diego. More

Anfisa Bogdanenko, who finished ILS this spring, paid a visit to our school to tell us about her studies at Williston Northampton School in Massachusetts (USA). Anfisa told us: “I graduated from ILS as an external student and now I am studying in grade 12 at Williston Northampton to immerse myself in the environment, as well as to understand the distinct features and nuances of education in America. I am planning to attend university in the USA, and this fall the admission process begins. I have to write essays, correspond with universities, and go through interviews.” More

Do you know what we did, as we waited for the new school year to begin? We imagined the students greeting one another at the school entrance, so happy to see their friends and teachers once again! And so it was – cheerful confusion and loads of smiles! More

Dear students, colleagues and parents! I offer my congratulations to you on Knowledge Day and the new academic year. More

The ILS Student Council is continuing its efforts at compiling personal ratings for ILS students. The ratings committee consists of 10th graders Mikhail Zelensky, Maria Nedbaylova, Ekaterina Matlina, Sonya Selivonchik, and Alexandra Klimochkina, along with 9th grader Anastasia Peshko. More

Distance learning at ILS began on April 7. Online lessons will be held with students from grades 1 to 12. More

ILS students' holidays can include fascinating visits to some of the world’s best museums and theaters. Below, we list virtual excursions to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence , the Vatican Museums, the Archaeological Museum of Athens, the Louvre in Paris, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the British Museum in London, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and many others. The world is open for the curious! More

Student Council president Sonia Selivonchik, 10th grade, initiated the Good Spring feeders project. The students and their parents spent a week discussing ideas for the feeders, then designed and built them. More

ILS students Karina Ermakova and Dmitry Salakhov, two young experts in high-speed Rubik cubing, took part in the 3rd Far Eastern speedcubing championship “Vladivostok Spring 2020.” More

Dolls and costumes made by ILS teacher Olga Lukinets, who is also an artist and modeler, as well as a fashion historian, are well known outside of Russia and are often ordered as gifts for foreign visitors by many Primorye organizations, including ILS. More

At the beginning of every school year, my classmates and I go to the Arsenyev Museum of the Far East, which is located in the city center. Museum staff tell visitors about historical sites in Primorye and talk about past events. The museum was built many years ago and its architecture is very beautiful. More

Under the guidance of ILS Ceramics and Technology teachers Lyubov Shatova and Olga Poltava, 6th graders from section 6M1 sculpted a wide assortment of figures to adorn people’s gardens as the spring leaves open on the trees and the first flowers appear. More

We went to the school medical office for speaking practice, as we had recently completed the topic "Going to see the doctor." We used the new language structures and words that we learned at our lessons. More

The final stage of the business game “City of the Future” was the teams’ defense of their presentations. The projects were: “Vladivostok without Borders” (creating a comfortable urban environment for mothers with prams, elderly people and people with disabilities); “Russian Fun” (Russian culture festival for children of foreign citizens); “Probok.NET” (how to reduce traffic jams in the city); “Reconstruction of Vladivostok’s main park”; “Brin the grin” (program for green landscaping), “Generation Green” (environmental education for young people) and“ SMARTparking ”(lounge zone on the upper tier of a multi-level parking garage). More

Traditionally, Fox Tales in the third quarter is dedicated to study and school research. The “Persona grata” for this issue was ILS Deputy Principal for Academic Affairs, Natalia Panchenko. More

The second session of the annual research project in English “National Superheroes and their Role in History” took place, this time featuring superheroes from Canada, France and Russia and presented by ILS 7th graders. More

Who is he, the superhero of the future? ILS students know the answer. More

The business game “City of the Future” is entering the home stretch. At the final training session, the teams received valuable advice on how to prepare their presentations. More

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