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The educational project “Technology School”, jointly with the educational center Alfa-Dialogue (St Petersburg), continues, as high schoolers from ILS return from Finland, where they spent two weeks working on their English with a professor from Cambridge, studied the capabilities of modern technological materials, and learning about the ecological aspects of production. More

Preparations for the 3rd International Children’s Jazz Festival, scheduled for April 20-21, are almost complete. The rehearsal schedule is set, the programs are almost ready, along with certificates for the participants and commemorative prizes for the musicians. More

ILS students have different extracurricular activities away from school, including learning programs, excursions and field trips to well-known places in Vladivostok and Primorye throughout the academic year, which expand their knowledge of the region where we live. Our 10th grade students’ visit to the Primorye Oceanarium gave them the opportunity to become more familiar with the undersea world of the Pacific Ocean. More

9m1 student Olesya Gorashko was the winner and her classmate Polina Savchenko a runner-up at the 2016-2017 Interregional Eurasian Linguistic Olympiad. Participants at the interregional stage included 180 students from Moscow, Barnaul, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Perm, Pyatigorsk, Chelyabinsk and Chita. More

ILS high schoolers from South Korea were medalists at the 2nd International Inter-School Festival “I study in Russia”, which brought together students from China, Laos, Japan, Italy, France, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Ecuador, South Korea, Nigeria and other countries. More

For the second straight year, ILS international students took part in the Far Eastern Youth Ecological Conference “Humans and the Biosphere”. More

The British Bulldog results are in, and ILS students did themselves proud. 7m1 student Lev Novitski was diploma winner in the Regional Level I competition, and his classmate, Sonya Selivonchik, was diploma winner for Regional Level III. More

The program for the 3rd International Children’s Jazz Festival “Pacific Fusion” is set and we know who will be performing and which countries are represented. More

The spring break was very productive for ILS teachers. ILS Principal Olga Shevchenko and Vice Principal Natalya Tishchenko took part in the “IB Global Conference” in Yokohama, Japan. Valentina Kovaleva, who is head of the International Center and a teacher of Russian Language and Literature, led an ILS delegation at the International Chinese-Russian conference “Problems of teacher preparation and the esthetic and creative training of students” held at Sensei State Pedagogical University in Sian China. More

For several weeks, ILS students were active participants in a range of activities devoted to the French language. First, they met with representatives of Alliance Francaise – Allison Astor, an education expert from the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs; and Tatyana Tereshchuk, head of the Language Center – who held an open lesson for our students. We reported about this event previously on our site. More

ILS student Mikhail Zelenski, who also studies at Vladivostok’s Children’s Art School No.1, was a prize winner at the 10th Regional Competition for performers on brass and percussion instruments. Mikhail performed in the category “Xylophone, Small Drum, Drum Set”. More

The “Playing the classics” project is something that ILS students and teachers eagerly await and prepare for all year long, as upper division students choose the works to perform, distribute the roles, and rehearse. This year audiences were treated to Gogol’s play Inspector General by students from 8m1; Pushkin’s story The Captain’s Daughter by young thespians from 8m2 and 8m3; two stories by Chekhov: Fat and Thin, and The Malingerers, performed to perfection by 9th graders in 9m2 and 9m3; as well as The Tryst by Vampilov, performed by 10th graders from group 10a. All the student actors impressed audiences with their excellent handling of every part and plot. More

Research projects in the area of natural science have become a tradition at ILS, with members of our upper-division classes becoming prize winners at prestigious national science competitions. More

A weekly video session was given on March 21-24 by ILS Vice Principal Marina Artemenko. More

French language lessons for ILS students are not only about studying grammar and mastering new words and phrases. Thanks to the unusual and entertaining lessons given by ILS French teacher Maria Zhdanova, they also include quests, singing, and communicating with native speakers of French. More

The new Student Council’s second meeting featured a robust agenda: council members determined their roles and duties, agreed a name and symbol for their team, and elected their first president – 10th grader Daria Kikta. More

ILS 5th graders offered audiences at the school several performances, in English, of Italian writer Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio. More

On March 16, the third issue of ILS school newspaper Fox Tales was published, devoted to the educational and scientific activities of ILS students and teachers. Participants in the new issue were students from the 5th-12th grades, including our first 5th grade journalist, Liza Rudenko, who contributed a blitz-interview. In keeping with our tradition of editors and writers gathering at the Media Center on the day of each new issue’s publication, we met to discuss our results and begin planning the next issue. More

ILS held a football match for students in the 10th and 11th grades. The students demonstrated their fine skill and dexterity. In the end, the 10th graders were victorious. More

The “Water Colors” ensemble, led by supplemental education teacher Natalya Bekina, who heads the ILS vocal studio, won first prize in the category “Popular vocal and ensemble” at the 3rd International TV Competition “Music and Children” in the Chinese city of Tzisi. More

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