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Science Week has begun at ILS. The start of the event was announced by Deputy Principal Marina Artemenko. More

The performance of Snow White by 6M2 was a long-awaited event for the students, as well as their parents. More

A poetry competition, lectures on linguistics and functional reading, advanced professional training for teachers from ILS, VGUES and FEFU, informal gatherings, excursions, and much more provided the content of “Winter School”, whose guest speakers were Doctor of Pedagogical Science and Professor Elizaveta Khamrayeva – Director of the Inter-University Center of Bilingual and Multicultural Education at Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, and Irina Kondrakova – Candidate of Pedagogical Science, Doctor, and Head of the Division of Organizational and Methodological Support for Pedagogical Education at Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University. These four days of intensive work provided new intellectual stimulus, inspired, and revealed new creative opportunities. More

ILS 8th grader Lev Novitsky from section 8M1 took second place in the Vladivostok giant slalom snowboard championship. More

“Winter School” was memorable for ILS students, as well as their teachers. ILS high school students were treated to a lecture in General Linguistics by Professor and Doctor of Pedagogical Science Elizaveta Khamrayeva – Director of the Inter-University Center of Bilingual and Multicultural Education at Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University (St. Petersburg). More

The sports olympiad continues at ILS, and the winner of pioneerball competition among 7th grade sections has finally been named. More

Our “Winter School” continued its work with a lecture on “Effective Methods of Working with Texts” by Professor and Doctor of Pedagogical Science Elizaveta Khamrayeva for ILS teachers of all subjects. More

ILS students were winners in the Primorye Region Open Cup for Downhill Skiing, held at the Vostok Ski Center in the city of Arsenev. Our students competed with athletes from Vladivostok, Arsenev, Blagoveshchensk, and Obluchia. Despite temperatures below minus 20 and the large number of competitors, our students achieved excellent results. More

A course in advanced professional training for teachers entitled “Contemporary Russian language teaching in a bilingual and multicultural environment” led by Professor and Doctor of Pedagogical Science Elizaveta Khamrayeva of the Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University was given in the first week of February at ILS. More

Every year on January 27, UNESCO remembers the victims of the Holocaust and reaffirms its unwavering commitment to the battle against anti-Semitism, racism and other forms of intolerance, which could lead to deliberate acts of violence against specific groups of people. More

One of the events in which our students are participating during the 3rd quarter sports competition is chess, with fifth graders as the first to play. More

The sports competition at ILS continues, with the latest event a pioneerball match for 7th graders. The first winner was section 7m1, and the games continue! To follow the action, see the schedule on our site. More

For ILS students, sport is one of the most important components of the educational process, and the annual competitions, held in the third quarter, have become a tradition at our school. Students test their skills at basketball, football, pioneerball, table tennis and chess. More

From 100 to 150 people visitor the ILS website every day, using the automatic registration device Yandex Metric. However, on some days the number of viewers exceeds 200. More

ILS students and teachers who were winners and runners up received special prizes for their successful efforts. More

ILS and Morioka Chuo Junior School (Japan) have signed a partner agreement making them sister schools. More

Students are never bored at Russian language and literature lessons with Galina Korotokonozhkina, as they always reinforce their new knowledge with creative activities. In their most recent lesson, students prepared drawings and other materials in support of the topic “Alternation of the vowels ‘o’ and ‘a’ in the roots ‘lag-lozh’ and ‘kos-kas’.” More

ILS 10th grader Daria Tkachuk won the gold medal in the Primorye juniors individual competition. She is already a candidate master of sport with a trophy case full of medals and cupsб and she hopes to add more. More

ILS 10th graders Egor Bulgakov and Lev Evdokimov participated in the “Professional Choice” course offered by teacher-psychologist Sergei Napady. More

Active preparations have begun for the 4th International Children’s Jazz Festival “Pacific Fusion”, scheduled for April 26-27, 2018 at ILS. For the first time, the PF format will be festival-competition, rather than simply festival. More

Third quarter begins at ILS

11.01.2018 11:17

Classes have resumed at ILS, following the New Year's holidays. Today our high school students (9th-12 grades) returned, with classes for the remaining grades (4th - 8th) set to begin on January 15. More

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