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Activities have begun at ILS supplemental education sections. Now, there are 15 different areas where students can explore their interests and develop their talents. More

Students from groups 8M1, 8M2, 9M3, 10A and 10B were treated to a series of Knowledge Day lectures at Primorye's Arsenev Unified State Museum. More

For our teachers, this is the beginning of a new stage in their work, as well as the joy of seeing their students again, more mature now than in the previous year, and a wonderful chance to help their young charges discover, again and again, the marvelous world of knowledge. More

As ILS students constantly discover first-hand: knowing English opens new opportunities for communication, such as educational trips to overseas universities, which require strong language preparation. More

ILS 11th graders donated to the Regional Children's Oncohematological Center of Regional Children's Clinical Hospital No.1 disposable diapers and other items of personal hygiene purchased with money raised during the charity market at the 4th International Children's Jazz Festival "Pacific Fusion". More

ILS 6th graders studying Japanese, together with their teacher Olga Podsvirova, visited an exhibition of the Japanese fund "Contemporary Netsuke", consisting of miniature wooden sculptures and dedicated to Japan Year in Russia. The exhibition was organized jointly by the VGUES Museum and Exhibition Complex and the Japanese Consulate. More

Dear graduates! Today, for you, the last school bell rings! Your years with us have passed so quickly, but will always remain in the hearts and minds of the classmates with whom you prepared for exams, hiked and travelled, played and planned for the future. More

ILS international students took part in the city-wide competition-festival "Glagol tainstvenniy", dedicated to the 1,155th anniversary of Russian writing, and were among the prize winners. More

On March 14th, our 10th grade and 11th grade students had debates about the League of Nations, specifically as to whether it was an effective international organization or not. These debates were organized by our IB history teachers Rhonda Slugoski and Liubov Chernova. More

Most historical events are open to different interpretations depending on one's perspectives, which makes debate an effective way to share opinions, improve analytical skills and ultimately deepen our understanding of history. On May 10th, a debate was held in our IB history class on Fascism and Communism, very interesting topics, because the successes and failures of both ideologies are controversial. More

Our school's traditional year-end concert for students, teachers and parents was a moment of revelation: a remarkable number of artistically gifted students study at our school! More

The latest issue of the ILS school newspaper, Fox Tales, was published this week and includes articles by 19 different students for a total of 25 pieces. On the list of topics we find educational trips and seminars with foreign colleagues, a visit to the "Media Wave" All-Russian Festival for Young Journalists, the "Pacific Fusion" International Children's Jazz Festival-Competition, along with international students' impressions of life in Russia and descriptions of their hometowns. Fox Tales correspondent Ksenia Didik (9th grade, section 9M1) not only participated in Pacific Fusion but also did an interview with one of our guests from Zeya - the drummer of the Zeya Jazz Orchestra. Also excited about the new issue were Young Journalists festival participants Elizaveta Rudenko and Denis Predit (6th grade, section 6M1) and Alena Popova (7th grade, 7M1). More

This year eleven ILS 12th graders met the difficult challenge of studying in the International Baccalaureat program, which requires more than 30 exams for successful completion. More

Representatives of Tokyo International University (TIU), Takeo Kobayashi and Jonathan Todd, together with the Anna Popova, director of the Far Eastern Corps of Executives, discussed the advantages and specifics of study at TIU with ILS high school students and their parents. More

ILS international students, together with their English language teacher and CAS coordinator Marina Kutepova, recently visited the VGUES Museum and Exhibition Complex to see the exhibit "Make paper your co-author", dedicated to World Graphic Design Days. More

ILS 10th graders Magomed Ermakov (Russia) and Lee Sanghyun (South Korea) along with 11th graders Kim Yoon Soo, Kim Da-eun, Jung Gawon and Kim Min Seo (all from South Korea) participated in the Model United Nations of the Russian Far East conference. More

ILS 6th graders and their homeroom teacher Aleksandra Matyushina visited the unique Klim Voroshilov shore cannon battery No 981 on Russian Island in Vladivostok. More

In the ILS 5th floor hallway viewers can now see photographs dedicated to Victory Day and the Great Patriotic War. More

This year's event, the 4th International Children's Jazz Festival-Competition, continued the annual trend of increasing participation, while adding a new component: competition. More

ILS students won the hearts of both the audience and the judges at the "Fashion without borders" and "Pygmalion" international competitions for young designers. Among the competitors were professional designers, as well as students, so the level was very high. More

As part of Russian Parliament Day, ILS high school students took part in an open lesson held by deputies of the Primorye Regional Legislative Assembly. More

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