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ILS 8th grader Polina Guryanova (section 8M1) was a participant in the “In the center of events” rally of the Russian Schoolchildren’s Movement at Vladivostok’s Ocean All-Russian Children’s Center. More

ILS 6th grader Gleb Karitsky (section 6M1) took 1st place at the Vladivostok table tennis championship for sport schools. More

On October 29, ILS signed a cooperation agreement with St. Petersburg’s Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University (RSPU), making our school a member of the Herzen Educational District. More

At the prestigious “Apriore Cup – 2019” DanceSport tournament in Moscow, Taisia Yurova (section 6M1) and her partner were champions. Her dance sport trophy case now includes 1st place in the category “Juniors 2+1, E class, Standard," and 1st place in the category “Juniors 2+1, up to E class, Latina.” More

ILS high school students and their teachers participated in the “We study in St. Petersburg” educational project, aimed at expanding one's knowledge of Russian and world history in the academic and cultural setting of St. Petersburg. The project was held in cooperation with the Alfa-Dialog educational center. More

The list of winners at the school stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for School Students includes 18 ILS students, with another 67 of our puils finishing as runners-up. The students tested their knowledge in Social Studies; the Russian, English and Chinese languages; and also Literature, Geography, History, Informatics, Law, Biology and Economics. More

Geography teacher Irina Kholoden and chemistry and biology teacher Lilia Lvova were awarded Certificates of Honor from the Federal Scientific Center for East Asian Terrestrial Biota Biodiversity of the Far Eastern Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The certificates were awarded at the seminar “Organizing the research and project activity of school students as part of the regional stage of the Russian national junior water competition.” More

ILS student Timur Serdyukov (section 7M2), a member of the Bastion fencing team, took 1st place in the foil competition at the “Blades of Far East” fencing championship for children born in 2005-2007. More

Luch Football Club, which includes ILS 6th grader Daniil Nagervadze (section 6M4), won the silver medal at the Primorye Region Football Championship for Children’s and Youth Teams, wrapping up the current season for these competitors. From June to October, a total of 39 teams from Primorye cities and regions squared off against each other in exciting matches. More

ILS mathematics teacher Yelena Alferova reported on our 6th-grade students’ strong results. The results differed from section to section, with each receiving its own diploma of achievement. More

Students from section 5M3 and their homeroom teacher, Galina Korotkonozhkina had a “get-acquainted” lesson at the school library. It was not their first visit, but this time they learned a great deal more about the facility. More

Students from Russia, South Korea, Japan and India helped prepare the new issue of the ILS school newspaper Fox Tales, with each making a valuable contribution to the theme of the issue, “International cooperation.” More

Dr. Natalya Yesipenko, a physician from the Primorye Center for Preventive Medicine and the Fight against AIDS, met with ILS high school students, telling them about the immunodeficiency virus infection, the ways it is transmitted, and methods for prevention. More

"Happy starts" at ILS

23.10.2019 11:06

ILS 5th graders and their parents played "Happy starts," competing to see who was the fastest and the best and also doing team bulding. Photo report. More

Preparations have begun at ILS for the 6th Annual International Children’s Jazz Festival Pacific Fusion, to be held on 28-29 April, 2020. More

During International Friendship Week at ILS, there were master classes for adults as well as students, including a master class on Gorodetsky painting for parents of our international students. Under the guidance of art teacher Yelena Belyaeva, the participants learned techniques for colorful painting on wooden boards. More

How do pictures appear in our television sets? What is a TV studio? Why are TV presenters so handsome or beautiful? Who creates the broadcasts? ILS students from section 6M4 learned about all of this and more during a visit to Vladivostok State TV and Radio Company. More

ILS 6th grader Daniil Nagervadze, a successful footballer for quite some time now, is a member of Luch Football Club, which emerged as the winner from a field of 16 teams at the Golden Horn International Football Tournament. More

Student teachers from Shaanxi State Pedagogical University (Xi’an, China) are in the final days of their practicum at ILS. More

ILS 6th grader Dmitry Golyanitsky (section 6M2) took first place in the Vladivostok Boxing Championship for children born in 2006-2009. More

ILS students from grades 8-11 tested their skills against their teachers in basketball, football and table tennis. The competition was fierce, and this time the teachers came out on top. More

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