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Ten ILS students received marks of “Excellent” during the winter session of the Cambridge English language exams for students in grades 4-10. More

On April 30, ILS for the first time will host the Junior Fashion & Design competition for young designers and fashion designers. More

“Our school devotes particular attention to security,” explains ILS Principal Olga Shevchenko. “Scheduled instruction and security system tests, along with evacuation training, are necessary to ensure the safety of students and staff.” More

Representatives of the Primorsky Regional Division of the Russian Ministry of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Relief visited with students in ILS’ primary grades. This was not their first visit, and some even know each other by name. This time the topic was how to behave during a fire and how to speak properly with emergency stations. More

The third quarter of the school year is underway at ILS, with the students returning to their study of mathematics, physics, chemistry, Russian and foreign languages, music, and various other subjects. More

ILS international students were finalists and winners at the International Online Olympiad for Russian as a Foreign Language. The competition was organized by the Russian Federal Ministry of Education and St. Petersburg State University. More

The Cambridge University Department of English Language Examinations has reaffirmed ILS’ status as a Cambridge test preparation center with the right to use the digital logo in 2020 in accordance with established rules. More

My wish for all of us in the New Year is to be even more curious and persistent, as we strive for new creative discoveries and achievements. More

ILS 7th graders played football with their dads and teachers. For their parents, the students’ excellent training was a surprise. Despite the difference in age, the game was very intense and interesting. To see how it went, have a look at our photo-story. More

Eight ILS teachers received letters of appreciation and gratitude from the Primorsky Region legislature for the excellent results achieved in their preparation of students. More

Charity fair held at ILS

24.12.2019 10:41

ILS held its annual New Year's charity fair, with students and parents preparing many interesting items with their own hands, including brooches, candlesticks, New Year's toys, figurines and postcards, as well as delicious sweet homemade cakes. More

ILS 5th grader Vladislav Peleganchuk (section 5M2) took first place in the Open Personal Skiing Championship at Comet recreation center. More

ILS held a concert called “Visiting the Snow Queen” dedicated to the Christmas and New Year holidays. More

The year 2020 is almost here and it's time to prepare New Year's decorations for your rooms. I was told about one of these decorations and how to create it by ILS technology teacher Lyubov Shatova. This is more than just a Christmas tree toy; it is a special creation in glass. More

ILS students from section 5M1, together with their homeroom teacher Ulyana Bondarenko, were the first to visit the new Quantorium Children’s Technopark in the Palace of Children’s Art. More

The latest issue of the ILS school newspaper Fox Tales has come out, with articles by students and teachers on the most important events in the second quarter of the academic year. More

ILS 6th graders played a football match, but this time against no ordinary opponent – their parents! At first, the parents were inclined to let the children win, but then they woke up and the game was on, with both teams firing at the other team’s goal and standing staunchly in defense. More

Team Bastion 1, which includes Rinat Nigmatulin of section 6M4, took first place at the annual regional New Year’s Fencing Tournament. More

Students from section 6M2, together with their homeroom teacher Svetlana Rechitskaya, paid a visit to Shtykovsky ponds art park. More

My name is Maria Ogorodnikova, I’m 11 years old, and I am a graduate of the Classical European Gymnasium. It was there that I began to study music, and now I play the piano, metallophone and hand organ. I play in the “Music box” ensemble with other students from our school. In 2020, our ensemble will celebrate its 10th anniversary. More

ILS held its “Merry starts” competition, where, in an atmosphere of merriment and friendship, primary school students and their parents competed to see who was quickest and fastest, and also which teams were best. In the end, friendship was the winner. See our photoreport on the ILS page in VKontakte. More

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