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The International Linguistic School begins preparations for the Elections to the Council of Students - on September 20, during the meeting with grades 7-11, the President of the Council of Students of the ILS, a student of the 10th grade, Karina Ermakova, will tell the public about what they managed to accomplish from the declared programs, and what they decided to implement in this educational year. More

By tradition, the students of the International Linguistic School spent the Day of Health in the picturesque places of Primorsky Region. Students of the 7M1 went to the Shtykovsky Prudy park, which is their favourite. 7M2 class went on an excursion to the Leopard Land National Park. Students of the 11th grade went to the Warm Sea complex, where they swam, played and discussed the upcoming graduation ceremony. More

Rinat Nigmatulin, a 9M2 student of the International Linguistic School, won the “gold” medal in the Primorsky Territory Individual Fencing Championship. Rinat has been training as part of the Bastion team for many years, participating in competitions at various levels and bringing medals both to the team and to his own collection. 3rd grade student Sevastyan Ten continues to delight us with his successes in karting. At the championship of the Primorsky Territory, Sevastyan took 1st place in the Mini Class. More

The library of the French language classroom of the International Linguistic School has been replenished with books both for beginners in learning the language and for children who are confident in their knowledge. More

A training evacuation of all students and school employees took place at the International Linguistic School. All stages of the training were performed competently and within the time limits established by the standard. More

Yaroslav Sinitsyn, a 10 IB grade student of the International Linguistic School, took the first place - his result was recognized as the best in the Primorsky Territory TrapShooting Championship in the “Trap” exercise. More

How to make a video? What programs to use? How are TV stories created? What is the difference between a newspaper text and a TV news text? Our young TV journalists will learn about these things and much more. More

The theme of this year's International Literacy Day is "Transforming Spaces for Literacy Learning" and, as is tradition, students from grades 4 and 5 are active participants in Literacy Day. More

Sevastyan Ten, a 3rd grade student of the International Linguistic School, was among the winners in the Mini class in the karting competition for the Far Eastern Federal District Cup. For Sevastyan, the competition is an additional opportunity to test his karting skills and decide what else he needs to work on. More

From the new academic year, creative workshops have become a favorite place for students from grades 1 to 6, where experienced teachers help to reveal the talents of each student of the ILS. A ceramic workshop, a drawing studio, and music classes have already begun to operate. More

The newspaper of the International Linguistic School "Fox Tales" has become the winner of the III Far East competition "Award in the field of children's and youth journalism and public communications", organized by the Far Eastern Federal University and the All-Russian Open Educational Media Forum of the Editorial Boards of the School Media "TERI" of the North-Western Institute of Management of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration ( Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation). Good news also came to us from St. Petersburg - the Fox Tales newspaper took 1st place at the All-Russian Open Educational Media Forum of Editorial Boards of School Media "TERI" (Creativity + Erudition + Work = Information) of the Northwestern Institute of Management of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. More

Knowledge Day at the International Linguistic School is traditionally dedicated to the study of the history of Russia, Primorsky Region and Vladivostok. This year, students from grades 1 to 9 went to the Military History Museum of the Pacific Fleet, to the historical park "Russia - My History", on a tour of the places of military glory of Vladivostok. More

Deputy Director of the Institute of Russian Language and Culture, Moscow State University Valery Chastnykh and teacher Yulia Ryzhikh held a meeting-seminar for teachers of the International Linguistic School “About the new multifunctional multimedia linguistic and cultural complex “Russia is calling you”. - This is not the first trip to Vladivostok for us - in 2017 I held a training marathon for students and teachers of the ILS, in 2019 a joint project with the ISL students "Hi, Vladivostok!" was held, the participants of which were MSU students from Japan, the Republic of Korea, Sweden, - explains Valery Chastnykh. – This year the purpose of our visit to the ILS is to acquaint teachers with the most effective methods of teaching the Russian language and Russian culture and history. More

1st of September is a special day for each of us – a new school year begins, which will once again unite students, teachers and parents, which will once again fill the school with new meanings, new ideas, new dreams! More

The 4th grade students of the International Linguistic School have prepared a concert program in honor of the graduation from elementary school. The performance where they sang, danced, played musical instruments turned out to be a real musical show! More

The 1st grade students excitedly said goodbye to their first year of study at the International Linguistic School. For every first-grader, this year was not only an introduction to school life, but also a search for their own talents and abilities. More

The Olympiad "Russia through our eyes" includes several stages: written assignments, poetry readings and the development of an excursion route through the historical center of Vladivostok. More

Students went to the Shtykovsky Prudy park on Health Day, where they played outdoor games and just had a good time communicating with classmates. - We love to go to this park at any time of the year, - Maria Podsadnikova, a 7th grade student, shares her good mood. – In winter, you can go ice skating and snowboarding there, and now we can play different games. This time we played laser tag. It was fun! More

A student of the 2nd grade of the International Linguistic School German Kiyanitsa took 2nd place in the championship "Champion" in swimming among the U-9 age category in the nomination "Breaststroke". German was second at a distance of 50 meters. Alina is engaged in the school-studio of modern dance "Movement" and performed the dance "Egyptian motifs" at the competition as part of the team. More

Dear graduates, I congratulate you on your graduation! Thanks for your curiosity, tireless search for new knowledges, and desire to create. Because of you the International Linguistic School is the best in the region and is among the TOP 100 best schools in Russia. More

Students of 12th Grade of the IB program of the International Linguistic School have completed the program and are waiting for diplomas and international certificates that will allow them to enter the best universities in Russia and in the world. This year, the 12th grade of the IB program was completed by children from Russia, the Republic of Korea, and India. More

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