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Students of the 11th grade had a very useful meeting with Ani Vardazaryan, manager of leading Canadian colleges: Fraser Internat... More

In October International Linguistic School hosted an online talk with the representative of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Nadezhda Syskova. The aim of the event was to educate ID Diploma students of 11th and 12th grade on future education possibilities that UBC has to offer. The event consisted of two online talks, presentations, and several master classes on writing and structuring the university application letters. More

Andrey Lesovsky, a fifth-grade student of the International Linguistic School, together with the football team in which he plays, won third place in the open Far East football tournament «Sakhalin Winter» among the youngsters of 2008-2009. More

What could be better when a physical education lesson turns into a competition! Tenth-graders of the international linguistic school enjoyed running, moving balls and performing exercises with rings. Exercises for the relay were developed by physical education teachers Raisa Andreevna Soroka and Ulyana Anatolyevna Bondarenko. More

The second stage of poetry readings, United by the theme "Seasons", has ended. This time, students of grades 0-4 showed their skill in reading poetry. The performance in the concert hall in front of their classmates and the jury was the first time for many children. More

Korean pupils of the 8m2 class studied the oral cavity structure using the human jaw model. More

Park Se-Hee and Song Kyongho, students of 10th grade, and 12th-grade student Park Kyu Nam have reached the final of the II International Online Olympiad in the Russian language as a Foreign Language. It was held by St. Petersburg University and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. More

“Fox Tales” was presented on the fifth All-Russian competition of school publications "School Format". Experts from the Samara National Research University, named after Academician S.P. Korolev, evaluated young correspondents. The founders of the competition are the UNESCO International Department of the University of Management "TISBI”, and the UNESCO SAS Coordination Center of the Volga Region (Kazan). The Eureka School (Saratov) conducts the event. More

A fascinating walk to the Novosiltsevskaya battery was made by students of the 6m1 class. During the tour, the children learned that despite the formidable and intimidating appearance, not a single gun was ever fired. More

About twenty sketches and observations about autumn were added to the list of educational projects posted on the school's website in the projects section. Russian language and literature teacher Natalia V. Gaiduk decided to implement the idea of creative work on speech development with students of the 5th grade of the International linguistic school. More

For Taisiya Yurova, the victory in the prestigious sports ballroom dance tournament "Contrast – 2020" became a pattern. Last year, Taisiya was already the best in the competition "a Priori Cup-2019". More

A school cafeteria is traditionally a favorite place for all children. Students of ILS are no exception! More

Health days at the International linguistic school successfully coincided with good October weather. Many classes chose the most fascinating routes and went Hiking: some decided to conquer the mountains, some to explore the FORTS, some to explore the picturesque surroundings of Vladivostok. More

The students of 11th grade received certificates and diplomas of winners for the results of a business game “City of future”. During the 3rd term of the 2019-2020 academic years, students developed concepts, made plans, and searched for the arguments for their "City of future" projects. More

We are continuing the discussion on theme #Myperfectlesson (#Мойидеальныйурок). Turns out that there are a lot of students who are willing to share their views about their perfect lesson. Today the guest of the column is the student of the 11th IB class Elizabeth Batizat. More

Fascinating works of art are created under the able leadership of professor, member of the Union of Artists of Russia - Sergei Vasilyevich Drobnohodov. Students in grades 4-9 study painting, composition, and academic painting. More

Students of the International Linguistic School annually take part in the Pacific Fusion International Children's Jazz Festival-Competition. For the past 6 years, pupils who were studying with Olga Anatolyevna Sergienko, Vyacheslav Ivanovich Vedernikov, and Yakov Evgenievich Kalashnikov have successfully demonstrated their musical abilities. More

The election, for the President of the International Linguistic School, was held on the 6 October. In the secret ballot, 11th-grade student Lev Novitsky won with 115 votes. The other candidate, president of the ILS Student Council of 2019-2020years, Sonya Selivonchik ended up with 74 votes. Two ballots were spoiled. More

My name is Eva. I would like to share my ideas about becoming a successful student. First of all, you have to follow your plan. There are lots of different plans: learning, creative, personal, family plan, also in case of a crisis, a plan for maintaining your health. These plans should complement each other, it is a very important feature. You need to control them, so they don’t interfere with each other. More

The international linguistic school was provided with VR-glasses that allow students and teachers to use virtual technologies in the learning process. International students of 8m2 were lucky to try out the VR-system for the first time! More

This year’s International Literacy Day topic was: “Teaching and learning during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond”. More

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