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The winter sports competitions continue at ILS, with 5th graders vying for the top spots in team and individual table tennis. More

Maksim Krivelevich’s lecture was on one of today’s most important topics: Russian-Chinese relations. More

Peking opera masks and Chinese national painting were the names of the master classes that teachers from the Confucious Institute of Far Eastern Federal University held for ILS students learning Chinese. More

Science Week continues with exciting Game Club matches, this time with teams from our 5th and 9th grades competing. More

“Physics in experiments” was the name of a lesson that ILS high school students gave for 4th grades during Science Week. The young researchers were shown various experiments related to inertia, the force of tension of water, and other entertaining effects. More

The Moscow educational session in physics and mathematics for ILS students has ended. Our students received new knowledge in both these vital subjects, attended lectures, and visited laboratories and classrooms of the country's leading universities. More

Sports competitions at ILS continue, this time with 6th graders (football) and 9th graders (volleyball) vying to see who is best. More

The school’s sphere of activity game for this year is about ways of organizing Vladivostok’s urban space. The organizers of the business game are Maria Nemtsova, economics teacher, candidate of economic sciences; Valentina Kovaleva, teacher of Russian language and literature; and school psychologist Aleksei Pezhemsky. More

ILS high school students currently on a study trip to Moscow visited, together with their ILS mathematics teacher Irina Nikitenko, the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (FUGRF). More

The annual sport competition season at ILS is underway, launched by 8th graders vying against each other in table tennis. Alexei Zakharenko (section 8M1) took first place, with his classmate Denis Predit finishing second. More

First on the list in our high school students’ educational program was the Higher School of Economics, where they attended a math lesson and visited the training laboratory of computer-aided design and the laboratory of 3D visualization and computer graphics. Scientists told the students about the laboratories' work, showed them equipment, and demonstrated the systems operations. More

Egor Bulgakov, who graduated from ILS in 2019, is a student in economics and commerce at Moscow’s MGIMO. High-quality school preparation allowed him to finish the session ahead of schedule and be among the best students of the group. More

This year’s Game Club season has begun, with students in all 10th grade sections at ILS demonstrating their knowledge in areas such as history, geography, law, the Great Patriotic War, Russian language, literature, mathematics, information science, economics, and English language. More

ILS 5th graders Rodion Kokhan, Arina Selekh and Maria Milova (section 5M3) and 6th grader Leonid Dronov (6M1) took part in a concert dedicated to New Year’s Day (eastern calendar). More

The Junior Fashion & Design competition will be held at ILS on April 30. Contestants are preparing their collectionsб and the organizing committee is busy getting everything ready for the event. More

Ten ILS students received marks of “Excellent” during the winter session of the Cambridge English language exams for students in grades 4-10. More

On April 30, ILS for the first time will host the Junior Fashion & Design competition for young designers and fashion designers. More

“Our school devotes particular attention to security,” explains ILS Principal Olga Shevchenko. “Scheduled instruction and security system tests, along with evacuation training, are necessary to ensure the safety of students and staff.” More

Representatives of the Primorsky Regional Division of the Russian Ministry of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Relief visited with students in ILS’ primary grades. This was not their first visit, and some even know each other by name. This time the topic was how to behave during a fire and how to speak properly with emergency stations. More

The third quarter of the school year is underway at ILS, with the students returning to their study of mathematics, physics, chemistry, Russian and foreign languages, music, and various other subjects. More

ILS international students were finalists and winners at the International Online Olympiad for Russian as a Foreign Language. The competition was organized by the Russian Federal Ministry of Education and St. Petersburg State University. More

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