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ILS and CAS No.2 students shared the stage at a concert, dedicated to the friendship between the schools that began at the International Children’s Jazz Festival “Pacific Fusion”. More

The educational field trip for ILS international students to St Petersburg and Novgorod gave many of the students and their parents a chance for new discoveries about Russia. ILS partner Center for Supplemental Education “Alfa-Dialogue” developed a special program for foreign students receiving education in Russia. More

Announcement for the week of 15-19 May by ILS Principal Olga Shevchenko More

ILS 9M3 student Darya Tkachuk won the gold medal at the Open Table Tennis Championship, which was held in the town Bolshoi Kamen and dedicated to Victory Day. The championship was organized by the Department of Physical Education and Sport of the Bolshoi Kamen Municipal Administration. More

ILS bade farewell to 12th grade students at the 8th IB (International baccalaureate) graduation ceremony. More

My congratulations to you on completion of the intellectual competition! More

ILS 5m1 student Anna Zhukova was a Level I prizewinner at the regional competitive exhibition of representative and decorative-applied art “I love you, Russia!” More

Educational field trips to historically important places like Moscow, St Petersburg, Novgorod and Pskov have become a tradition for ILS students. More

We offer warm congratulations on the 72nd anniversary of Victory Day! More

2017 has been declared Ecology Year in Russia, and to join this national event, ILS students organized the collection of used batteries for participation in the 3rd Russian Far Eastern Youth Ecological Film Festival “EcoMovie”. The ILS film clip includes animation, featuring two “cute and cuddly” batteries. More

On the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory, May 9, 2017, ILS students marched in the grand parade, carrying portraits to honor their grandparents and grandparents in the “Immortal Regiment” procession. More

ILS students Mikhail Meshchanyuk, Yegor Bulgakov, Lev Yevdokimov, Denis Zubkov, Aleksei Nomerovsky and Lev Moroz won the Level I diploma for their research project “Hydrochemical assessment of the ecological condition of the river Obyasneniye” at the 10th All-Russian Ecological Conference for High School and University Students: “Water – the source of life of earth”, organized by the United Scientific Council “Ecology and natural resources” of the St Petersburg Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. More

The fairy tale “12 Months” was performed by ILS students from South Korea and China. More

The research project defense competition was most exciting for ILS 10th graders. The panel of judges, including vice principals Marina Artemenko and Natalia Panchenko, chemistry and biology teacher Lilia Lvova, Russian language and literature teacher Olga Nikoforova, and psychologist-teacher Marina Yagupova, evaluated 17 projects in the areas of history, biology, information science, literature, economics and tourism More

ILS 11th grader Kim Euro from South Korea, received a score of “Excellent” on her Russian language Total Dictation. Euro has been studying Russian for quite some time and has lived in Vladivostok the past two years, studying in the ILS Russian education program. More

The regional seminar-practicum “Supplemental education for children in multicultural educational space” brought together teachers from Vladivostok schools and child-youth supplemental education centers. More

ILS 6th graders participated in the St Petersburg readers' forum, which included master classes of Doctor of Pedagogical Science, Prof. Yelena Yadrovskaya, classes in the school theater, TV and show business, excursions at the historical building of the Synod, a visit to the Empress Maria Fundamental Library, participation in the “I am a Researcher” conference and many other interesting events. More

Both days of the 3rd International Children’s Jazz Festival flew by, with the event featuring a total of more than 300 talented musicians aged 5 to 16, along with their teachers, concert masters and parents. More

The grand opening of the 3rd International Children’s Jazz Festival at ILS featured soloists and musical groups from Primorye, Amur Region, China and South Korea. The first day of the festival was launched by Catchers Groove, guest performers who offered the audience an exciting drum show. More

Students from ILS took part in the “Fashion without Borders” competition for young designers, as part of the traditional fashion event Pacific Style Week, where they immediately won the hearts of viewers and judges. Our students took first place in four different categories. More

Twelve students in grades 7-11 chose to go through “Ready for labor and defense” testing as part of the Russian National Sport and Physical Education Program. More

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