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ILS held its traditional New Year's charity fair. All the money collected will go to the "Preserve life" charity fund to help children suffering from various forms of cancer. More

ILS 4th graders, together with their mothers and fathers, competed in a Christmas checkers tournament organized by ILS chess instructor Diana Regushevskaya. More

ILS 4th graders and their teacher Olga Yakovleva took part in entertaining chemistry experiments More

Another cyber-security quest/lesson was held at ILS, this time for students in sections 9M1 and 8M2 and led by Maya Shalunova, who serves as assistant to Primorye Regional Duma Deputy S.A. Sopchuk and heads the federal “Safe Internet” project in Primorye. More

Our school's Fans of Short Stories Club met to discuss O'Henry's famous Christmas story "The Gift of Magi". More

ILS students once again demonstrated their intellectual prowess as champions and prize winners at the municipal stage of the 2018-2019 All-Russian School Olympiad. More

As the second quarter comes to a close, ILS sixth graders have been intensely involved in their school subjects and also in mini-football. More

ILS 9th graders Ilona Khlyustova, Eva Titkova, Kirill Trudov, Maria Nedbailova, Aleksandra Kafanova, Polina Shklyaeva and Maria Shteinikova successfully passed the DELF-DALF test, which determines a person's level of French language mastery. More

Three students from 9th grade section 9M1 – Mikhail Zelensky, Lev Novitsky and Andrei Rolik – took part in the Primorye Youth Forum, held at Okean Youth Camp and including about 600 children from the region. More

ILS 9th graders participated in a Game Club competition, demonstrating their subject knowledge along with their erudition and impressive ability for quick response.English language proved to be the most popular task topic, with interpretation of various idiomatic phrases leading to lively discussion among the teams. The Russian Language and Literature questions were also quite challenging. More

ILS 5th grader Taisia Yurova (section 5M1) took second place in the Latin American program (age category: Children 2+1) at the Primorye dance tournament "Prestige 2018". More

In the latest Game Club competition, ILS 8th graders dueled in a display of physics and IT knowledge. More

ILS students from section 10A and their Russian Language and Literature teacher Marina Zakharchenko paid a visit to the Primorye State Picture Gallery to see an exhibition of works by Andrei Kamalov assembled from the gallery’s own collection, the collection of Artetazh Contemporary Art Gallery, and the collections of the artist’s heirs. More

ILS music teachers Vyacheslav Vedernikov and Olga Sergienko took part in two concerts by Ray Brown Jr, who performed this week at the Primorye Regional Philharmonic. They joined a quintet offering favorite Ella Fitzgerald songs, as well as classics of American gospel and funk. Our teachers report that the improvisations they did with the legendary American artist filled the hall with exciting music. More

Game Club launched at ILS

05.12.2018 10:49

Game Club, a series of intellectual competitions, has been launched at ILS, with 10th graders as the first participants, fielding questions about history and social studies. More

Students in 9th grade sections 9M2 and 9M3 had a lesson-quest in cyber-security conducted by Maya Shalunova, who serves as assistant to Primorye Region Duma member Sergei Sopchuk. More

ILS 9th graders Mikhail Zelensky and Lev Novitsky (section 9M1) spent two weeks studying and training at Pacific Programming School at Far Eastern Federal University on Russian Island. More

ILS 5th graders recently visited Vladivostok’s Arsenev Museum to see the unique exhibition “Map of Russia; milestones of history” on loan from the collections of Museums of the Moscow Kremlin. More

ILS instructor Yulia Filatova, who teaches Russian as a Foreign Language, organized a quest lesson for her students from South Korea. She and her class went to the Sedanka City shopping center not only to make purchases but also so that the students could find their way by asking those around them for help. More

ILS 5th graders Arina Shklyayeva and Yevgeny Boyarko (section 5M3) together with 7th graders Artem Gatin and Polina Guryanova (ыусешщт 7M1) were 1st degree prize winners at the 4th International Festival-Competition “Shining pearl” in the Chinese city of Shanghai. More

ILS 5th grader (section 5M3) Mikhail Zubkov and his partner Vasilisa Kogai were prize winners at the municipal sport and ballroom dance competition “Constellation of smiles”. More

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