Our values

Priority values at ILS include, developing each child’s personality in its diversity and identity; instilling respect for oneself, as well as teachers, parents, school guests and fellow students; crating a psychologically healthy atmosphere for all the participants in the educational process; encouraging a high level of self-organization among teachers and students.

Education: The more we study, the more we realize how much we still must learn, how much we still must read, experience, feel and comprehend, in order to be positioned to try to understand ourselves and the nature and functioning of the world around us. Developing the desire to learn is as important to us inspiring our students to achieve excellence in the subjects they study.

Spirituality: Spiritual commitment supports a person in difficulty as well as in achievement and helps our children to love, to sympathize and to assist those in need.

Social skills: The talent of understanding those around you, of effective speech and quickness of mind. Our students work to daily to improve this aspect of themselves in order to enrich their personal life and strengthen their efforts beyond the bounds of school.

Leadership: Leadership stems from self-confidence and self-reliance. ILS students develop the ability and readiness to be responsible for groups of people as well as for themselves.

Effectiveness: We strive for productive and effective use of school resources and educational opportunities to develop personality and individual abilities.

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