Creative Arts Studio

Ceramics is the most straightforward of all art forms. Here, there are no talentless or misguided outcomes. What matters is the creative process and the result. Clay conveys our personality and emotions. The process of blending the material allows children to think, formulate, choose and make decisions. Modelling teaches children how to manage themselves. By modelling your condition or problem, your idea or movements in clay and contemplating the result of your creative effort, you make it real. When children study their creations, their inner sense of harmony tells them what changes in the object being created are needed. By correcting the clay form, a child improves the internal and external situation with his or her own hands, and that is truly magical.

Decoupage is a refined way of decorating almost any surface with your hands. With decoupage, people who cannot draw professionally use drawings on napkins or special cards to decorate many items, including furniture, dishes, vases, flowerpots, and so on: whatever imagination suggests. This kind of creativity refines children’s artistic taste, while fostering a creative attitude to their work, as well as persistence in achieving goals, neatness and thrift.

Lyubov Shatova: Tuesday and Thursday, 16.10-17.30
Anastasia Pinkevich: Tuesday and Thursday, 16.10-17.30

Applied Art
Svetlana Globina: Tuesday and Thursday, 16.10-17.30

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