Learning environment

  ILS is housed in a building specially constructed for the school in 2013 at 44 Partizansky Avenue in Vladivostok. The size and arrangement of classrooms, student areas and extra-curricular facilities is more than sufficient for maximum enrollment volume and is organized with due consideration for students’ ages and special needs.

The school has everything necessary to support the academic and social programs, required by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the International Baccalaureate Organization: physics and chemistry laboratories, language laboratory, computer room, library, room for music lessons, fine arts studio, and ceramics and project workshops. All facilities are computerized, with Internet access, and are linked to the VSUES Unified Information Electronic Medium system. All the classrooms have multimedia equipment and interactive boards.

Heated walkways link the school with fitness, dancing and game facilities, as well as the swimming pool and tennis courts of the neighboring sports complex.




Международная лингвистическая школа
690106 Владивосток, Партизанский пр-т,44
тел. +7(423) 240-42-84? 240-42-83

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