Curriculum and subjects

 The academic year is divided into four terms, separated by various holiday periods. Students in grades 5-9 attend school from Monday through Friday, while those in grades 10-11 also have classes on Saturdays. The school day consists of academic lessons and extracurricular activities, such as creative workshops, sports activities, excursions, rehearsals, etc.

The ILS curriculum offers a high-quality environment to support student development at the highest level, in response to the demands of modern society, as well as those of students, their parents, and the ILS staff.

The base program for grades 5-9 prepares students for study in the International Baccalaureate diploma pre-university program. In grades 5-9 the main language of teaching for the Russian state program is Russian, with some subjects offered in English (science, cultural studies and economics). English language study is divided into segments (ESL, grammar, literature). ILS students can receive international certification by taking various Cambridge University exams.

English is the language of instruction for the IB program for grades 10-12 grades, with the individual curriculum agreed by teachers, parents and students. Students receive advanced study in a range of subjects, with the aim of preparing graduates to continue their education at universities in Russia and abroad. 

In addition to core subjects, all students take the “Theory of Knowledge” course, which focuses on helping students to think critically, when assessing the knowledge and experience they receive in and out of school. Another important part of students’ education at ILS is the “Creation, Action, Service” program, where students participate in various projects, including theatre performances, sports, charitable activities, and others. ILS vacation program give students the opportunity to discover new countries and cities.

One key requirement for the IB Diploma is a 4000-word monograph on a chosen subject based on extensive research. Local students receive full preparation in the Russian State program, enabling them to aim for high marks on the State Final Examination and various Unified National subject examinations.

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