Instrumental Studio

At our Instrumental Studio children receive theoretical musical knowledge, while learning to play various musical instruments, including guitar, bass guitar, synthesizer, and drums. The instruction takes into account children’s individual desires and preferences, their capabilities and skills, as well as their psychological characteristics. Mastering the playing of instruments goes hand-in-hand with acquisition of musical literacy and development of musical and vocal skills. The lessons also give a sense of rhythm, unity in the ensemble, and the ability perceive and produce balanced sound.


Instructor: Vyacheslav Vederenikov

Program: piano lessons, reading music

Monday-Friday, 16.00-18.00, Room 9101


Instructor: Olga Sergienko

Program: guitar lessons

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 16.00-18.00, Room 9103


Instructor: Vyacheslav Vederenikov

Program: jazz lessons

Tuesday, 16.00-18.00; Wednesday, 14.00-18.00; Thursday, 11.00-18.00


Instructor: Юлия Сюй

Program: piano lessons, reading musi

Monday, Tuesday, Friday 16.00-18.00; Wednesday, 16.00-17.00; Room 9103


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